Top Ways to Give Back to Veterans

Top Ways to Give Back to Veterans

Affirm CollaboratorJune 09, 2020

During Memorial Day and Veterans Day, the country takes a moment to recognize the sacrifice so many made in defense of our nation. Soldiers step to the fore and volunteer to protect our rights and freedoms, and because of that, they deserve our respect. When those soldiers return home and become veterans, they need more than respect—they need help. Transitioning from the battlefield to civilian life can be challenging for many. They need a variety of services to help ease that transition. There are dozens of organizations that help veterans, and if you want to help, they gladly take on volunteers and donations. Here are a few of the top ways to give back to veterans, so you can say, “Thank you.”

Pick up a Check

If you want to have a direct impact on a veteran without any hoopla or attention, pick up a check. If you happen to see a service member in a restaurant or know that a fellow diner is a veteran, pay their tab. Take an opportunity to tell the server you want to pay for their meal and do it. It’s a small gesture but one that will make that person feel great, if only for an evening.

Donate Your Time

There are hundreds of aid organizations around the country that are geared toward veterans and active-duty soldiers. Find one near you, or one that speaks to you, and donate your time to support them. You can also make monetary donations; they need plenty of that too. Search for an organization with a mission that speaks to you and get involved.

Support the USO

The United Services Organization was formed in 1941 by uniting several service organizations like the YMCA and Salvation Army. Their continuing mission is to support soldiers in any and every way possible. From the first time a service member puts on a uniform until they transition back home and beyond, the USO is there to help them. There are dozens of ways to support this organization; check out the USO website for full volunteer options.

Hire a Veteran

Veterans are just like the rest of us in that they need to work and have a career. If you own your own business or are in a position to make decisions about hiring, then the top way to give back to veterans is by hiring one. Veterans are sought after because they have the discipline and work ethic that is important in any field and job. They just want an opportunity to have a job, build a life, and be successful like everyone else.

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