How Often You Should Change Your Fuel Filter

How Often You Should Change Your Fuel Filter

Affirm CollaboratorJune 01, 2020

Your vehicle’s fuel filter is one of the many parts of your car that needs regular maintenance. That’s because, after a certain amount of time, your fuel filter can begin clogging, which minimizes the amount of fuel reaching your engine. A clogged fuel filter can also hurt the performance of your fuel pump and injector. Don’t worry, though—as long as you stay on top of this, you won’t have to stress about these issues. To stay on top of that issue, however, you need to be aware of how often you should change your fuel filter.

A good rule of thumb for researching any kind of vehicle maintenance is the owner’s manual. Find yours and look through it to see what your manufacturer’s recommendations are. Typically, the recommendation will be to change the fuel filter every 30,000 miles or every two years, but that’s not always the case anymore. Nowadays, your fuel filter can sometimes be found inside your gas tank. In cases like this, you’ll only replace the fuel filter when replacing the fuel pump assembly.

Another solid way of figuring out if it’s time to change your fuel filter is with the help of a mechanic. If you’re unsure if it’s time to change that filter, have a mechanic run a fuel pressure test. Fuel pressure tests will give the mechanic a reading of how much PSI your fuel pump is generating. If there’s noticeable reduction in the fuel pump’s pressure output, it’s time to replace the fuel filter.

Now that you know how often you should change your fuel filter, you can keep your engine clean and running smoothly. At Next Gen Diesel, we have a wide range of gear for your car that will ensure your vehicle conquers the roads with power and efficiency. For instance, we have products like an Allison transmission for sale, so you can keep your ride ready and in shape for your next drive.

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