Affiliate & Influencer Program

Affiliate & Influencer Program:

     The Next Gen Drivetrain, Inc. Affiliate & Influencer Program is designed for anyone with meaningful media followings to be able to monetize on their following through truly passive income. The Affiliate & Influencer Program is extremely simple, we spawn a specific discount code for you and you specifically. This is a 3% discount total. You may advertise this discount code everywhere you like. All transactions performed on our website using the code will yield a 3% commission to you directly. All purchases require a 30 day maturity period to ensure the items or not returned or otherwise and payments are issued via check or ACH on the first business day of every month, generally the first. 


     Social Media Account Diesel123 is spawned discount code "A5O4L2". Diesel123 posts multiple times, advertising this discount code. November 1st, we issue a payment for all Affiliate Commissions earned from September 1st to September 30th. The code led to a total of $150,000 in transactions at Next Gen Drivetrain during the month of September, yielding a 3% commission of $4,500 to the owner of Social Media Account Diesel123. Diesel123's lawful owner is issued an Affiliate Commission payment via check of $4,500, an exact match of the amount their customers saved shopping at Next Gen Drivetrain. Diesel123 chooses to participate in this program in perpetuity but can withdraw at any time for any reason.


     Interested in participating in our Affiliate & Influencer Program? Send an email to the contact below with the subject title "Next Gen Drivetrain Affiliate Program Inquiry", leave your social media handles and a best method of contact and we will respond within 3 business days.