Get Financed Now


     Next Gen Drivetrain is proud to offer not one, but two different finance companies! Our goal is to make sure that as many clients as possible have easy to afford access to our products. When applying for financing, start with Affirm. Affirm will approve people for the largest amounts with the best finance rates, typically up to $5,000. If Affirm cannot approve you, you'll be automatically routed to Katapult for a backup option. Katapult typically approves our clients for up to $3,000, and has NO minimum credit requirement for approval! Follow the steps below to finance your Next Gen Drivetrain products today.

Get Approved with Affirm:

STEP 1 - Navigate over to a product you're interested in applying for. There's no obligation when applying for a product, so don't worry if you're not sure what to buy yet. You won't pay anything unless you choose to use Affirm or Katapult during the checkout process!

STEP 2 - Look for where it says "Starting at X a month with Affirm, prequalify now." and press the highlighted "Prequalify now" button. It should look like this:

STEP 3 - Follow the easy on-screen instructions. You should be prompted for your name, number, address, last 4 of your social and occasionally some additional information.

 STEP 4 - At this point, one of two things occurs. If you get approved, proceed to checkout and select "Affirm" as your method of payment when completing checkout. If you do not get approved, you will be forwarded to Katapult. Katapult approves about 70% of the people that Affirm does not, yielding an effective approval rate of a whopping 93%! 

Get approved with Katapult:

STEP 1 - Follow the same set of on-screen instuctions with Katapult and see if you're approved.

STEP 2 - Once approved, you can navigate to checkout and select Katapult as your method of payment, just like a credit card.

STEP 3 - Katapult will ask for a $45 initiation fee to begin the order on their end, once this is paid, the order will complete and be forwarded back to us as complete! Select a payment plan that is comfortable for you at checkout, there are early payoff options available for both companies.

Can I pay my loan/lease off early?

Yes! Both of these companies offer early pay-off options!

Do I receive a hard inquiry on my credit report when I apply?

Nope! Applying for financing through Affirm or Katapult does NOT hit your credit score. In fact, timely pay-off's do have a positive credit impact, so paying on an Affirm or Katapult loan/lease can even improve your credit!

What if I need help placing my order?

If you still need help procuring financing or placing an order, try giving one of our informed and friendly experts a call! We would love to help you navigate your financing needs and complete your order today.