Transmissions 101

Allison 10L1000 Transmission • Problems & Solutions

Nathaniel ValentinFebruary 21, 2021

This is a complete overview and analysis of the problems that plague the new 2020 and above 10-Speed Allison Transmission found in the new Heavy Duty DuraMax diesel trucks! Read more to discover the problems and solutions of this transmission.

Torque Multiplication Factor (TMF) • The All-In-One Guide

Nathaniel ValentinFebruary 09, 20211 comment

What is a Torque Multiplication Factor (TMF) and how does it apply to me? Understanding TMF is the easiest way to prevent certain transmission failure in any application. After reading this Transmissions 101 Installment, you should be able to understand, calculate and apply your own TMF easily!

68RFE Transmission • Problems & Solutions

Nathaniel ValentinJanuary 16, 20212 comments

Welcome to the All-In-One Guide to the 68RFE. In this installment of our Transmissions 101 series, we will be analyzing all of the problems, solutions and upgrades necessary to make a happy, healthy 68RFE transmission.

68RFE vs Aisin • The Full Length In-Depth Comparison

Nathaniel ValentinJanuary 14, 2021

68RFE or Aisin? Which is better and why? Become an expert in minutes with this installment of our Transmissions 101 series! This easy to read guide with pictures and data to learn everything you need to know.

68RFE Valve Body • Problems & Solutions

Nathaniel ValentinAugust 25, 20203 comments

Get ready! This is a comprehensive analysis of the 68RFE Valve Body. In this technical publication, we inspect and identify the most common causes of failure inside the 68RFE Valve Body and how to resolve them.