Drivetrain 101

Project Carbon 10R140 Valve Body Upgrade Kit Install Guide + Tips!

Nathaniel ValentinFebruary 21, 2024

The purpose of this article is to demonstrate how to properly install the easiest to use 10R140 Valve Body Upgrade kit in the world, our Project Carbon™ Valve Body Upgrade kits! Still need help? Call in and speak to an expert today.

Aisin Seiki AS66RC Transmission • Problems & Solutions

Nathaniel ValentinJune 05, 2023

If you own an AS66RC transmission, do not fret. This transmission has the capacity for excellent longevity, frankly in excess of almost any other direct competitor. They also capacitate massive power levels once appropriately built for the application. 

Ford 5R110W Transmission • Problems & Solutions

Next Gen Drivetrain Research & DevelopmentMay 09, 20231 comment

As we can all see, the 5R110W transmission is flawed and imperfect. However, it would be unfair not to recognize that this transmission does have a reputation for surviving some maltreatment before it “bites the dust.” Become an Expert on the 5R110W today!

General Motors 4L80-E Transmission • Problems & Solutions

Nathaniel ValentinMay 01, 20231 comment

Few transmissions have seen more production volume than the infamous General Motors 4L80-E transmission. Become an expert on this unit today with this installment in our Drivetrain 101 series!

General Motors 4L60-E Transmission • Problems & Solutions

Nathaniel ValentinApril 25, 20232 comments

Few transmissions have been produced in greater numbers than the prolific 4L60-E transmission. Fortunately, this massive volume has paid for explosive amounts of research and development across the transmission industry. Become an expert on this popular transmission today!