The Importance of Checking Your Transmission Fluid

Affirm CollaboratorJuly 10, 2020

A damaged transmission is expensive and time-consuming to repair. Know the importance of checking your transmission fluid and protect your truck.

The Importance of Changing Your Truck’s Air Filter

Affirm CollaboratorJuly 02, 2020

Understand the importance of changing your truck’s air filter and keep it running well. Running your truck with a dirty air filter will shorten its life.

Maintenance Tips for Diesel Engines

Affirm CollaboratorJune 26, 2020

Read some maintenance tips for diesel engines. They have some care and parts that are specific to diesel engines, but some that are the same as gas engines.

How to Honor Our Veterans This Independence Day

Affirm CollaboratorJune 22, 2020

Learn how to honor our veterans this Independence Day. The Fourth of July is a day to celebrate the birth of our nation and the heroes who protect it.

Top Ways to Give Back to Veterans

Affirm CollaboratorJune 09, 2020

During Memorial Day and Veterans Day, the country takes a moment to recognize the sacrifice so many made in defense of our nation.