The Symptoms of a Failing Transmission Valve Body

Nathaniel ValentinSeptember 28, 2020

Your truck will tell you when something is wrong. You just have to know what the signs are. Get to know the symptoms of a failing transmission valve body.

Ways To Honor Veterans This Veterans Day

Nathaniel ValentinSeptember 23, 2020

Use these ways to honor veterans this Veterans Day. These men and women chose to volunteer and serve this great nation, and they deserve respect.

How To Choose a Transmission Rebuild Kit

Nathaniel ValentinSeptember 21, 2020

Learn how to choose a transmission rebuild kit. It’s a ton of work to rebuild a transmission. Get the right parts and tools first to make things easier.

Ways To Test a Starter Solenoid

Affirm CollaboratorSeptember 09, 2020

Here is a quick way to test a starter solenoid. It’s a good trick to know in case your car or truck doesn’t start. Learn how to fix your own vehicles here.

Understanding How Transmission Coolers Work

Affirm CollaboratorSeptember 01, 2020

Understanding how transmission coolers work might prevent you from blowing up your transmission. Engines work hard when towing and sometimes need help.