The Different Types of Pickup Trucks

Affirm CollaboratorMarch 27, 2020

Tip your cap for the pickup truck and all that it represents: hard work, hard play, country living, and the United States of America. Is there a better symbol for America than the pickup truck? Maybe, but only if there is a bald eagle behind the wheel, blasting Garth Brooks...

Top Causes of Transmission Failures

Affirm CollaboratorMarch 19, 2020

Read about the top causes of transmission failures and protect your truck and wallet. Transmission repairs are among the most expensive ones.

Why Diesel Engines Are Better Than Gasoline

Affirm CollaboratorMarch 04, 2020

The image of a giant tractor-trailer chugging down the highway is a thing of the past. Semis still have diesel engines in them, but they are new and improved. Since its creation in the early 20th century, the diesel engine has been the workhorse of the automotive industry. It’s in...

Top-Rated Charities for Supporting the Military

Affirm CollaboratorFebruary 21, 2020

Military veterans do so much to serve our country—they volunteered to defend our country at great personal risk and did so proudly. When they return home from deployment, those veterans need help acclimating to civilian life. Many soldiers struggle with finding their place in the world when transitioning back. Day...

Diesel Fuel: Understanding the Different Types

Affirm CollaboratorFebruary 17, 2020

Diesel engines run on diesel fuel, which is more efficient than gasoline because it has more energy available. When exhaust fumes from conventional diesel engines were found to cause cancer, manufacturers developed clean diesel engines, and they are the predominant form on the roads today. Diesel engines today are cleaner...