Edge Insight CTS3 Digital Gauge Monitor Review!

Edge Insight CTS3 Digital Gauge Monitor Review!

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    The Edge Insight CTS3 Monitor, which we carry at the lowest price available, is a Digital Gauge Monitor designed for pickup trucks and SUV’s, both gas and diesel. It is exceedingly popular in the Cummins, DuraMax and Power Stroke world.

     This monitor serves to be the successor to the now obsolete CTS2 Monitor. The CTS2 monitor was market dominant during its tenure. However, due to new technological advancements, the CTS2 has become a discontinued historical relic.

     Reinvigorating the market is the new Edge Insight CTS3 Monitor. New to this unit is a host of features that can be found on our product page, but below we will observe the 5 most popular reasons, picked by our customers, as to why they run the Edge Insight CTS3 Monitor!

Reason #1 - It Displays Literally Everything!

     There are many critical units of information that your vehicle monitors, but never tells you; things you may like to know. Let’s take for example, exhaust gas temperatures. Excessively high exhaust gas temperatures (in excess of 1800) can mean destruction for a critically expensive motor. 

     Ironically, exhaust gas temperatures seem to be VERY high in emissions on applications, as well as mundane tasks such as towing. Granted, there are countless important PID’s that your vehicle may never tell you, but EGT’s are just an easily accessible reference.

     Objectively, we would like to view these PID’s in real time, right? Without the presence of some sort of Digital Gauge Monitor, it becomes impossible to access this information in real time. Fortunately, the Edge CTS3 resolves this concern with a lightning fast touchscreen and a TWO SECOND boot-up time!

Reason #2 - It’s also an all-inclusive Scan-Tool!

     We have all spent $100-$200 on a bullshit diagnostic service before; one where all the “tech” does is pull codes and read the book to you. Why subsidize a basic observation of stored trouble codes by some mouth-breathing teenager when you can receive many times more information at your fingertips with the Edge Insight CTS3?

     With the Edge Insight CTS3, you have the power to do more than “pull codes” and see why that Check Engine Light (CEL) is on. You can see the precise verbiage the code represents according to the parent manufacturer, on site!

     How does this work? Let’s observe an example. Most scan-tools spit numbers at you, say, P0729. Where many scan tools just deliver you this code, and you now have to go to your specific manufacturer in search of further information or a TSB.

     Sounds like a lot of work.. on your Edge Insight CTS3, you can simply run a diagnostic check and see all available stored AND active codes, but further, you will see not just the “P0729” code, you will also be able to see “Incorrect Gear Ratio, 6th Gear.”

     This is critical because different codes may have slightly different significances amongst different OEM’s. The Edge Insight CTS3 negates all of this concern and stress by breaking it down to consumer level information, saving you money at the shop if or when something goes south!

Reason #3 - The Display is 100% Customizable!

     Our goals and intentions are all unique. Because of this, your monitor should have the ability display whatever PID’s are most relevant to you, and at your request. This is another place where the Edge Inaught CTS3 shines.

     Using this monitor, you can customize everything from the metrics being displayed to the aesthetics of user interface (UI). This makes the monitor uniquely advantageous for those seeking a personalized experience.

     Let’s say hypothetically that you were to purchase an Edge Insight CTS3 from a friend who set their monitor up to display different metrics than you plan to use. Let’s say further that you dislike the color of the theme. In a matter of seconds, all available PID’s and colors, even the background image can be completely changed! This is a truly customizable product.

Reason #4 - It Supports Custom Tuning Files w/ Switch On The Fly!

    Whether you’re daily driving, seeking to improve fuel economy, racing or towing, tuning is critically important. If you decide to run EFI Live style tuning or other compatible tuning platforms, the Edge Insight CTS3 can actually store these tunes for you to use, just like a tuner!

     This is a wildly popular feature amongst happy users of this monitor. What’s also deeply advantageous is it’s ability to switch tunes while the vehicle is in operation. Historically, you had to stop and perform various tasks to switch fuel maps.

     Those days are technologically dead due to the advent of more advanced tuning facilitators and platforms such as the Edge Insight CTS3, you can simply enter the “Tuning Interface” and tap the desired tune. It’s really that easy!

Reason #5 - It installs in literally 10 seconds!

     If the preceding 4 reasons aren’t good enough, install time is yet another explosive forté of the Edge Insight CTS3 Monitor. When you receive this monitor, it will come with the monitor itself, a suction-cup-style bracket for your windshield, a USB Cable to connect it to your computer and the necessary connector to adjoin it to your OBD-II Port.

     Once you remove your new monitor from the box, you literally plug it in, allow it a few literal seconds to be ready for operation, and have fun! This monitor was designed to be as easy as possible to live with and install, and it’s incredibly short installation time echoes this philosophy.


     As you can see, the new Edge Insight CTS3 Monitor is an incredibly obvious choice for anyone seeking to get the most out of their vehicle. This article should ease the decision on one of our available Edge Insight CTS3 Digital Gauge Monitors. If you have any questions, please call in and speak to one of our experts!

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Ricardo Peña on August 14, 2021

Installed mine.. very clean and easy.. recommend from 2021 mega cab!!

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