How to Honor Our Veterans This Independence Day

How to Honor Our Veterans This Independence Day

Affirm CollaboratorJune 22, 2020

This Independence Day, it is important to remember and honor those who served. The veterans who served our country deserve the respect of the nation and to be honored on this important day. Millions of Americans look forward to the Fourth of July, the day that we gained our independence from England and became one nation. The men and women in the United States military protect this nation from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. Here are some ways how to honor our veterans this Independence Day and to thank them for their service.

Pick up the Phone

If there are veterans in your family, give them a call and thank them personally. Call friends of yours and thank them this year. Life keeps all of us busy; it seems there is never a good time to call and catch up with old friends and family. This year make the time and make the call. The simplest gestures mean the most.

Utilize Social Media

Social media is devolving into a nightmare of bad news and worse feelings. Bring some sunshine and happiness to your thread and thank the veterans on Independence Day. Share an inspirational quote or old picture of someone close to you. Social media can be a good space to share warm feelings and spread good news again.

Let Them Share Their Stories

Many veterans want a chance to share their stories. They want to recount their experiences in the service, overseas, and on the battlefield. Honor our veterans this Independence Day and give them an opportunity to share their story with you and with the younger generation. Many veterans have no one to share their stories with and would welcome the opportunity.

Fly the Flag

Show the veterans how much you care by flying the flag that they fought for. Decorate your home with the stars and stripes and tell everyone that you are a patriot and support the troops. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune or be the size of a school bus—just hang a flag outside your front door and salute the veterans in the neighborhood.

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