How to Make Your Transmission Last Longer

How to Make Your Transmission Last Longer

Affirm CollaboratorDecember 23, 2019

Problems with the transmission of any car or truck are always big—there’s no such thing as a small transmission problem. And, unfortunately, with big problems come big price tags. Transmission repairs are about as expensive as it gets for cars and trucks. Fortunately, you don’t have to sit back and wait for something to go wrong; there are preventative steps you can take. Instead of waiting for the worst, take care of the Revmax transmission on your Cummins motor. Here are some solid tips on how to make your transmission last longer.

Check the Fluids

This sounds simple, because it is. Checking all the fluid levels in your car or truck is important for the life of the entire engine, not just the transmission. Make sure the levels are always topped off. If you are filling the transmission fluid often, there might be a leak somewhere, so get it on a rack and look for it.

Cool It Down

Driving your vehicle hard puts excess stress on the transmission. Pulling heavy loads, racing between lights, and driving on rough terrain generates a lot of heat in the transmission. That excessive heat, in turn, wreaks havoc on the transmission. Help keep it cool by adding an auxiliary cooling system or fan to it.

Warm It Up

Extremely low temperatures are tough on transmissions and engines. In the cold climates of the northern part of the country or mountains, it’s important to let the vehicle warm up before operating. Letting it warm up for five minutes will warm all the fluids and ensure they are coating vital engine parts.

Shift Gears Appropriately

This tip applies to those with a manual transmission. If you drive at 50 mph in first gear, you are going to tear apart the transmission within days. Also, attempting to pull loads heavier than the recommended maximum puts strain on the transmission. Stay in the appropriate gear for preservation’s sake. And don’t loan your vehicle with a stick shift to someone that doesn’t know how to drive it—that pointer should be obvious.

Listen to the Transmission

Most people drive their car multiple times a day, every day. We get accustomed to hearing the car and know how it should sound. If you hear something that isn’t normal, get it looked at. Cars and trucks are designed to run smoothly and quietly for the most part, so if something sounds off, it’s likely because something’s wrong. Take it in and have it looked at as soon as you can.

Upgrade to Synthetics

Over time, the heat created in a transmission breaks down the organic compounds in normal transmission fluid, making it much less effective at protecting the components. Synthetic fluid is much more heat resistant and does a better job in high heat. Do this especially if you drive in a high-traffic area full of stopping and starting.


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