Top Reasons to Get a Diesel Engine for your Truck

Top Reasons to Get a Diesel Engine for your Truck

Affirm CollaboratorJanuary 02, 2020

When you think about a diesel-powered truck, images of jacked-up 4-wheel drive monster trucks pop into your head. Or, perhaps you see massive 18-wheelers barreling down the highway pulling heavy loads to a far-off destination. Both would be correct, but these are not the limit of diesel engines. They are popping up in more passenger cars and smaller trucks than ever before. Here, we have the top reasons to get a diesel engine for your truck. You only really need one—because they are undeniably awesome—but these are just in case you need to convince someone else.

Less Maintenance

It’s estimated that a standard diesel engine can drive two to three times longer than a standard gasoline engine before needing major maintenance. When a gas engine starts breaking down around 200,000 miles, the diesel engine is just getting broken in. Keep that in mind when looking for a diesel truck. That Cummins engine and Revmax 47RE transmission will be in great shape for years to come. You might pay more upfront, but you’ll make that money back.

More Power

Power is the diesel engine’s hallmark. That’s why it’s used in trucks, trains, boats and anything else that is massive and pulls heavy loads. Diesel engines create massive torque and power, making them the automotive world’s workhorse. Torque is what gets the vehicle moving, keeps it moving, and allows it to pull heavy loads up inclines.

Lower Fuel Costs Over Time

When standing at the pump, it won’t look like the fuel costs are lower, because they aren’t. Per gallon, diesel technically costs more than gasoline. The money, however, is made back in efficiency. Diesel engines don’t need as much fuel to operate, so you aren’t filling the tank as much. In the long run, the fuel expense is less.

Great Resale Value

When it comes time to unload your diesel truck and upgrade, the resale value is very high. Because of the engine’s longevity, diesel trucks are in demand on the secondary market. People that own diesel trucks tend to hold on to them, so there aren’t many available. Supply and demand dictates that the ones that are for sale are going to cost more. It’s a good value, though, for all the reasons listed here. A used diesel engine will run forever—the body will rot away around it before it stops running.

Better Overall Performance

The diesel engine hasn’t changed a whole lot since its invention, but small tweaks over the years have made it more efficient and reliable. Many of the old excuses people had for not buying diesel are removed. The image of diesels chugging down the road and blowing thick black smoke into the air is a thing of the past.

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