Honorable Ways to Support the Veteran Community

Honorable Ways to Support the Veteran Community

Affirm CollaboratorDecember 16, 2019

When soldiers return home from active duty, many of them struggle to adjust to civilian life. For so long their identity was that of a soldier—a man or woman in uniform. However, once they complete their service, many veterans feel a lack of purpose; they feel overwhelmed and out of touch with a civilian lifestyle. Soldiers may also bring back physical and mental ailments with them, such as post-traumatic stress disorder. With almost 18 million veterans in the United States, many organizations are stepping up to answer the call for assistance. If you want to help America’s soldiers, we offer a list of honorable ways to support the veteran community. It’s one thing to say, “I support the troops”—it’s another to actually do it. Volunteer or donate to help one of these organizations helping veterans meet the new challenges they face upon returning home.

Team Rubicon

Team Rubicon gives veterans what they are missing the most once they become civilians; a sense of purpose, community, and self-worth. They combine the veteran’s expertise with first responders and send response teams to affected areas during and after an emergency. Two Marine Corps veterans formed the group because they felt unsatisfied with the emergency response after an earthquake in Haiti. Team Rubicon helps the veterans through readiness training, service projects, and deployments to areas that need immediate help.

Operation Write Home

Active-duty soldiers love the mountains of mail they get in support of themselves and their mission. The kind words mean a lot to them. But sometimes what they really want is the ability to send a letter home. Operation Write Home gives soldiers that opportunity by sending handmade greeting cards to troops around the world. The cards have nothing written inside, so the active-duty members can send whatever message they want back home to loved ones. With those blank cards, the soldiers get 20 to 30 letters of support from patriotic citizens.

The Green Beret Foundation

An elite fighting force, the Green Berets are the Army’s most specialized experts in unconventional warfare. When these warriors return home, they face big challenges due to the nature of their mission. There are very few people this group can turn to who can relate to their experiences in warfare. The Green Beret Foundation gives Green Berets a variety of immediate and long-term support services in addition to helping their families. The foundation offers supplemental assistance for soldiers with injuries and long-term care for those with permanent disabilities. They are also providing phycological help for families and scholarship opportunities.

The Mission Continues

The Mission Continues empowers veterans to continue their service and empower communities with skills and preparedness to create visible impact in the community. Veterans join a platoon within the organization and work alongside volunteers, reservists, and active-duty members. Each platoon has its own mission based on the needs of the area they serve. One platoon’s mission will focus on urban agriculture while another may focus on youth mentorship. The group gives veterans a sense of purpose through work and the chance to improve their local community.

Bob Woodruff Foundation

While on assignment in Iraq, a roadside bomb struck ABC News anchor Bob Woodruff. The explosion almost killed him, and he ended up with traumatic brain injury. His incredible recovery inspired the creation of the foundation that bears his name. The Bob Woodruff Foundation’s mission is to give post 9/11 veterans and their families, caregivers, and communities high-level support and resources for as long as they need. The foundation navigates thousands of nonprofits that serve veterans. This way, they can provide funding to the ones that promote education and employment, quality of life, and rehabilitation and recovery. Their mission is to give monetary support to those that give veterans physical and emotional support.

Homes for Our Troops

Since 2004, Homes for Our Troops has the distinct mission of building homes for wounded veterans. The life-changing injuries the warriors sustained require a lot of support, so the organization builds specially adapted homes. The homes suit each soldier to accommodate those who lost limbs, are in a wheelchair or have special needs so they can live with ease. Plus, veterans receive a free mortgage, so they don’t have to worry about paying bills and can focus on their recovery. The house acts as a center to begin their post-military life—Homes for Our Troops steps in to help them regain some of the independence and freedom that they fought so bravely for.

Wounded Warrior Project

Wounded soldiers coming home all have a different recovery process; there is no one size fits all approach to helping wounded veterans. As such, the Wounded Warrior Project provides career counseling, rehabilitation, and activities for all veterans and their families. The group supports veterans with physical or mental injuries sustained after 9/11, and all their services are free. Wounded warriors are not members of the group—they are alumni. They have a long list of support services that help veterans with their medical needs, career services, and family counseling. The goal is to let soldiers know they are not alone in this new fight.

Operation Supply Drop

Operation Supply Drop is an organization dedicated to bringing video game consoles, games, and related items to veterans and active duty service members. They send packages to hospitals, homes, and military installations all over the world. The creators of OSD wanted to bring fun where there is none. Gaming helps take your mind off of the mission for a few minutes and give the soldiers a taste of home no matter where they are. OSD also does Thank You deployments where they send a veteran to VIP occasions such as major sporting events and festivals. They will pair each veteran with a civilian that is also in need of a good time. The goal is for the two people to bond over the experience and get to know each other’s story.

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Ways to Support the Veterans

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