AS69RC "BulletproofAS69" DIY Shift Kit (Deluxe)

Next Gen Drivetrain, Inc.


     Scared of your AS69RC’s skiddish reputation? Seeking to add power, or dissatisfied with the sloppy and flate-filled shifts? The AS69RC is riddled with highly expensive problems that largely derive from a couple of leaky valves and a set of utterly useless accumulator pistons. This dinosaur of a transmission can be traced back to the Toyota Land Cruiser of the mid 80's and was never designed to accommodate the arduous demands of the Cummins diesel crowd.

     As always, Next Gen's best-selling drop-in "Bulletproof Kits" are the driving force in providing efficient and inclusive solutions to these evolving transmissions. This kit addresses both the leaky valves and the accumulation leaks, even going so far as to include drop-in sleeves to replenish the B1 and B2 valve bore with NO machining needed!


Difficulty Level: 5 out of 10

Install Time: 2 hours*

 *This kit comes with very easy to follow instructions and visuals to help you install the product as efficiently as possible. If you run into any questions or hang-ups, just call in and ask to speak to an expert!

You can expect:

- Much better shifting

- Tremendously increased longevity, resolving the dreaded B1/B2 leakage issue!

- Better clutch control

- Fixes crossleakage better than any other DIY kit on the market 

- Cooler Operating Temperature

- Fixes problematic Line Pressure Bleedoff issue at High Heat/Pressure

*For those who are not in the market for our complete and ready to install valve bodies, this is the perfect DIY solution that ANYONE can do, and is designed to address the major failure points of the AS69RC once and for all.*

This kit consists of:

- 5 Billet Aluminum Accumulator Pistons

- 5 Accumulator Piston O-Ring Updates

- 5 Recalibrated Outer Accumulator Springs

- 5 Recalibrated Inner Accumulator Springs

- 1 Billet B1 Control Valve Sleeve

- 1 Billet B2 Control Valve Sleeve

- 1 B1 Control Valve Plunger

- 1 B2 Control Valve Plunger


     If you’re looking for a DIY solution to your AS69RC that does not require a transmission drop, tremendous shop labor costs or going broke, there’s is no better product than our BulletproofAS69 kit. This bestselling product is easy to install, affordable and delivers huge improvements to the AS69RC at any mileage or rebuild. If you still have questions, we encourage to call in and speak to one of our experts!