Project Carbon® 10L1000 High Pressure DIY Valve Body Upgrade Kit

Next Gen Drivetrain, Inc.


     This is the single most important upgrade you can perform to a Allison 10L1000 transmission, and it can be easily done at home with basic tools using our easy-to-follow instructions. The 10L1000 is riddled with highly expensive problems that largely derive from a couple of leaky valves and a set of utterly useless accumulator pistons. This deeply unreliable transmission is an enlarged version of the also tumultuous 10L80-E found in vehicles such as the Chevrolet Camaro.

     As always, Next Gen Drivetrain™ best-selling drop-in Project Carbon® DIY Valve Body Upgrade Kit are the driving force in providing efficient and inclusive solutions to these evolving transmissions. This kit addresses both the leaky valves and the accumulation leaks with this kit, even going so far as to include a crushing laser-cut separator plate. This kit can also be configured with a high pressure spring that increases line pressure in all forward gears by up to 35%, NO tuning required!

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Difficulty Level: 6 out of 10

Install Time: 3 hours*

 *This kit comes with very easy to follow instructions and visuals to help you install the product as efficiently as possible. If you run into any questions or hang-ups, just call in and ask to speak to an expert!

Frequently Asked Questions about the 10 Speed Allison 10L1000 Transmission:

Q: Is the Allison 10L1000 a good transmission?

A: Known as a less-than-reliable unit, the 10 Speed Allison 10L1000 transmission is a fertile breeding ground for a variety of problems. This includes but is not limited to: Valve body crossleakage, burnt clutches, damaged clutch hubs, stripped shells and much more.

Q: Is there TCM Tuning for the 10 Speed Allison 10L1000 transmission?

A: Yes! The 10 Speed Allison 10L1000 can be easily tuned to request different shift points, different lockup protocol and various other functional changes. However, most of these parameters do not need to change for the transmission to work optimally. Mechanical upgrades are significantly more important.

Q: What is the lifespan of a 10 Speed Allison 10L1000?

A: Although there are many variables, the 10 Speed Allison 10L1000 transmission lasts an average of 100,000 to 150,000 miles in unmodified trucks with average applications. Trucks with larger tires, tuning, emissions delete systems and other aggravating factors usually fail much sooner. Transmissions with religious maintenance routines that are used largely for highway miles can last longer in some cases.

Q: What is the best upgrade for a 10 Speed Allison 10L1000 transmission?

A: The single most important upgrade someone can perform on a 10 Speed Allison 10L1000 transmission is a valve body. The valve body is where the overwhelming majority of their problems begin, and can yield huge benefits to any application. All Allison 10L1000 transmissions, regardless of application, should have one of our upgraded valve bodies.

Q: What are the service intervals of a 10 Speed Allison 10L1000 transmission?

A: It is our advice that this transmission is hot-flushed and a complete fluid and filter change is executed every 25,000 miles on average. Extraordinary applications may want to perform these services more frequently, whereas highway exclusive applications can safely push a bit further between services.

You can expect:

- Much better shifting

- Tremendously increased longevity, resolving the dreaded LPC leakage issue!

- Better clutch control

- Fixes crossleakage better than any other DIY kit on the market 

- Cooler Operating Temperature

- Fixes problematic Line Pressure Bleedoff issue at High Heat/Pressure

- More Line Pressure

*For those who are not in the market for our complete and ready to install valve bodies, this is the perfect DIY solution that ANYONE can do, and is designed to address the major failure points of the 10L1000 once and for all.*

This kit consists of:

- LPC Accumulator Sleeve

- LPC Check Ball + Recalibrated Spring Set

- Laser Cut Upper Valve Body Separator Plate

- Latch Valve Recalibration Spring Set

- All Necessary Hardware

- Billet Steel O-Ringed End Plug Set

- Pressure Regulator Valve Recalibration Spring

- High Pressure Shift Valve Spring Set

- Compensator Valve Shim Set

- Secondary Oil Pump Relief Spring Shim

- Chromoly Steel Manual Valve Upgrade Kit

- Complete Billet Solenoid Stabilizer Insert Kit


     If you’re looking for a DIY solution to your 10L1000 that does not require a transmission drop, tremendous shop labor costs or going broke, there’s is no better product than our Project Carbon® 10L1000 High Pressure DIY Valve Body Upgrade Kit. This bestselling product is easy to install, affordable and delivers huge improvements to the 10L1000 at any mileage or rebuild. If you still have questions, we encourage to call in and speak to one of our experts!