10L1000 Cherry Bomb™ Complete Input Drum Assembly (Drop-In)

Next Gen Drivetrain, Inc.

Install difficulty: 3

Install time (less R&R): 30 minutes

     There are two types of customers that most transmission components are made for. One, is the person who has zero interest in touching their transmission. These are the folks who buy complete and ready-to-install units. The other, is the transmission journeyman who fears no performance build. These are those who purchase our rebuild kits. However, there's a third type of customer that is often left in the dust. This is the person who's no transmission master-tech, but certainly knows how to turn a wrench and isn't afraid to make it happen. Until now, the performance transmission market hasn't provided for you.

This is why we created the cherry bomb. The cherry bomb will do 3 critical things:

- Save money
- Save time
- Build your transmission yourself, easily.

     So let's explain. In the Allison 10L1000, when you remove the transmission from the truck, and sit it on the bench, you slide the torque converter off and you have a pump cover that simply pops out. Behind that, is a pump that is held on by some simple bolts. You simply unbolt those bolts, and the pump comes right off, just like a transmission pan. Now, you grab the input shaft, and everything from the input shaft, to the end of the output carrier sun gear comes out as one giant assembly. Overwhelmingly, this is where nearly all internal failures of the 10L1000 occur. This is the home to clutch packs C, D, F and E along with MANY other failure points.

     From the time you set your transmission on the bench with the pan removed, this point takes less than 5 minutes to get to, and is EXTREMELY easy.

     This "giant assembly" is what we have, known as the Cherry Bomb. We manufacture this assembly, 100% pre-lubricated, bushings installed, bearings in place, clearances checked, frictions oiled, and ready to install. You do not have to do a SINGLE thing to the product, other than unwrap it, and simply insert it in place of the original assembly. No lining anything up, no lubricating, no checking clearances, nothing. Simply pull the old assembly out, and place the new one in. It is truly that simple. Now, you bolt the pump bolts back to their proper location and specification, pop the pump cover back into place, put your converter back on, and reinstall the unit.

    This installation takes an average of 30 minutes and is incredibly easy, along with highly comprehensive easy-to-follow instructions.

     We offer Cherry Bombs that are capable of holding everything from 550HP, to 1,000HP+ with proper supporting modifications such as the valve body and pump. The configurations we offer are listed below.

Stage 1 - 600HP (w/ Valve Body Upgrades)

- High Energy Friction Module
- Next Gen Drivetrain™ SpeedSync™ Steel Module
- Updated E Clutch Stackup
- New OEM Seal Set

Stage 2 - 800HP (w/ Valve Body Upgrades)

- Raybestos GPZ Friction Module
- Next Gen Drivetrain™ SpeedSync™ Steel Module
- Updated E Clutch Stackup
- New OEM Seal Set

Stage 3 - 1000HP (w/ Valve Body Upgrades)

- Raybestos GPZ Friction Module w/ Added Frictions
- Next Gen Drivetrain™ SpeedSync™ Steel Module
- Billet E Clutch Hub Assembly
- Updated E Clutch Stackup
- New OEM Seal Set

     A $2,000 core charge is in place for your original assembly after purchase, due to the DIY nature of the Cherry Bomb, we cannot offer a warranty with this product, however we can guarantee it to be shipped 100% free of any and all potential defects.

     At this time, all cherry bombs are built to order, hence please permit a few days for shipping! If you need yours sooner, please call us so that we can expedite your order.