Ways to Support K9s for Warriors

Ways to Support K9s for Warriors

Next Gen Drivetrain Research & DevelopmentOctober 15, 2022

K9s for Warriors is leading the fight against veteran suicide by pairing at-risk veterans with well-trained emotional support dogs. The group is working to end veteran suicide and help warriors return to a life of dignity and independence. K9s for Warriors trains shelter dogs to become service dogs for returning soldiers that are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Through these efforts, the group has rescued 1,214 dogs and helped 634 veterans. If you want to get involved and help, here are some ways to support K9s for Warriors.

Be a Volunteer

Community support is vital to the mission of K9s for Warriors. They are always in need of volunteers to work at the new campus. When the veterans stay for training with their new buddy, they need someone to cook meals, feed the dogs, and assist with the activities. You can also attend or host an event in your own community. While the charity is located in Florida, you can host a fundraising event no matter where you live. Volunteering your time is the best way to support K9s for Warriors.

Foster an In-Training Dog

Fostering an in-training dog helps the organization by helping the dog get proper socialization. Many of the dogs are rescues and are facing challenges of their own. A history of abuse or living alone on the street can cause some dogs to have emotional or behavioral problems. Fostering allows the group to monitor the dog’s behavior and determine if they are a good candidate and will thrive in a home environment.

Puppy Program Volunteer

Everyone loves a puppy; they brighten up your day and fill your life with love. Being a puppy volunteer means taking care of a puppy—that’s it. You’ll have a puppy under 16 months of age and provide it with a safe home environment so it gets used to being around people. Be careful about becoming too attached; they will be going to the program eventually and on to live with a veteran in need.

Donations are Welcome

Even if you aren’t able to do any of the previous things and still want to help, there is a way. K9s for Warriors does accept monetary donations. Donate what you are able to on a monthly basis as a one-time gift. The group is grateful for any and all help you can provide!

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