The Importance of Changing Your Truck’s Air Filter

The Importance of Changing Your Truck’s Air Filter

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Your truck’s air filter is an important component tied directly to the performance of the engine. The internal combustion engine needs two things to work: gasoline and air. The pistons in the engine move from tiny explosions within the cylinder, and those explosions come from the spark plug and the fuel. Without air, fire cannot exist, so air is integral to the function of the engine. The air filter keeps the air flowing to the engine free of dirt and debris. It takes the outside air in, removes the harmful particles, and delivers it to the motor. If dirt and debris get into the engine, they will build up and clog vital engine parts. Here we discuss the importance of changing your truck’s air filter.

The Engine Will Be More Efficient

Fuel efficiency is a big concern for most people. The price of both diesel and unleaded fuel fluctuates weekly, but it is always higher than we want, and a full tank comes at a price. Helping that fuel last longer and get better mileage is important, and having a clean air filter can accomplish that. A clean filter can increase performance, acceleration, and gas mileage by improving the airflow to the motor.

Reduction in Emissions

Emission decrease is another factor that demonstrates the importance of changing your truck’s air filter. A clogged air filter literally chokes your engine. It must work harder to create the same amount of output that a normal engine would. That means more emissions flowing through the engine, out the pipes, and into the atmosphere. Unobstructed airflow lets the engine operate at its peak performance and reduces the amount of emissions it produces.

It’s Easy to Replace

You don’t have to be an ace mechanic to replace the air filter. In older cars, it literally sits on top of the motor, and you only have to remove one wing nut. Modern air filters are off to the side and in the shape of a brick, but they are still easy to replace. You only have to loosen one or two latches, pluck out the old one, and put in the new one. If you can’t afford a new filter, you can blow out the old one with an air compressor. Don’t do that too many times, though, because eventually it will reach its saturation point.

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