The Benefits of Having an Allison Transmission

The Benefits of Having an Allison Transmission

Affirm CollaboratorApril 28, 2020

James A. Allison started the company that bears his name in 1915. The engineers at Allison started out by building race cars and evolved to making aircraft engines and introduced the world to heavy-duty, automatic transmissions. Allison transmission is the largest manufacturer, designer, and distributor of medium- and heavy-duty fully automatic transmissions and hybrid propulsion systems in the world. The Allison brand is associated with reliability, quality, and durability all over the world. Discover the benefits of having an Allison transmission in your truck and make some upgrades today.

More Reliable

The Allison transmission is built to last. It is a rugged transmission that is designed to take a beating and keep on working mile after mile. The transmissions have minimum maintenance requirements and that means less downtime in the shop taking care of it, and in turn, fewer maintenance costs. The clutch uses a torque converter instead of a dry clutch, and that eliminates clutch repairs and replacements that come along with manual and automated manual transmissions. Routine oil and filter changes are the only regular preventative maintenance requirements for the Allison transmission.

Fuel Efficiency

The cost of fuel is in constant flux; it can be down one day and up the next. One thing is for sure, though: you need that fuel to stay on the road. Fuel efficiency becomes a big concern then, and the more you have, the better. Allison has Continuous Power Technology that doubles engine torque at launch and delivers power to the wheels without interruption. That technology means trucks with an Allison accelerate faster and work faster and more efficiently within the duty-cycle speeds. Every transmission comes with enhanced electronic controls that increase fuel economy for vehicles specific needs.

Better Performance

Be it construction, delivery service, or a city bus, Allison transmission are designed to deliver better performance no matter what the vocation is. They are fully automatic transmissions, so there is no operator-induced damage. Shifting, jamming, and grinding gears will take a toll on any transmission, so this is eliminated. Unlike a manual transmission, there is no loss of power when shifting gears. All the power stays and every bit of horsepower is delivered to the wheels, resulting in quicker trips and more work getting done.

They Are Easy to Use

Allison transmissions are fully automatic and much easier to use. Learning to use a manual transmission can be difficult and tricky for some people, and as a result less people are learning how every year. An automatic transmission means the driver can start up the truck and hit the road with a minimum of training. This means that more drivers can be added to the fleet to meet the demands of customers.

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