Symptoms of a Bad Intermediate Steering Shaft

Symptoms of a Bad Intermediate Steering Shaft

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The steering system in cars is responsible for turning the front wheels from left to right. From the first Model A to the Tesla, steering systems haven’t changed much. They are made from three basic components: the steering wheel, steering gearbox, and intermediate steering shaft. All those parts work in harmony to turn the truck into the dealership for a tweak on the Revmax 48RE attached to your Cummins diesel engine. The intermediate steering shaft is the main component between the gearbox and the steering wheel. When you turn the steering wheel, the shaft turns and actuates the gearbox which turns the wheels. If there are problems with the shaft, you’ll know it. Here are the symptoms of a bad intermediate steering shaft.

Grinding Sounds When Turning the Wheel

Audible noises in your vehicle that don’t sound normal indicate a problem. The same goes for the steering wheel. If you turn it and hear popping or grinding, it’s likely coming from the steering column. This problem occurs over a long period, so you may hear it sporadically at first. When and if the noise is constant, have the vehicle looked at soon.

Steering Tilt Doesn’t Work

The best feature of the steering wheel is the tilt. You can put it where it’s most comfortable for you and efficient for the vehicle. When adjusting the tilt, the steering wheel always locks into place somewhere close to where you want it. If it doesn’t, there is a serious problem with the steering shaft. The steering wheel will hang at the lowest setting—this is dangerous. Don’t operate the vehicle at all if this happens. It is a serious symptom of a bad intermediate steering shaft and operation will be difficult.

Wheel Turns Roughly

Power steering is an automatic feature of most cars and trucks today. Steering is smooth and easy no matter how big the vehicle or small the driver. Power steering is made up of several gears, and when they start slipping, you will feel it in the wheel. Popping sensations in the wheel while turning means something is wrong in the steering column. Dirt and dust often find their way into the shaft and create friction within the gears.

Steering Wheel Doesn’t Return to Center

Whenever you turn, the wheel should return to the center position. This is a safety feature included with the power steering. If it doesn’t return, there is probably a blockage inside the steering shaft or a broken gear inside the unit. Either way, it needs fixing immediately.

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My car has two recall on it how can I get it fixed

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