Popular Performance Upgrades for Manual Transmissions

Popular Performance Upgrades for Manual Transmissions

Next Gen Drivetrain Research & DevelopmentNovember 07, 2022

Whether you race for a living, for fun, or you’re just a guy who wants to go faster, there are ways to satisfy that need for speed. Our list of popular performance upgrades for a manual transmission will do just that. Swapping a few stock parts for performance ones in your tranny will increase acceleration, top speed, and they won’t break at the worst time. Upgrading parts ensures that the transmission can handle all the torque coming from the engine.

Close-Ratio Transmission

For cars and trucks, there are either close or wide-ratio transmissions. The difference between the two is simple: the gears are closer together in a close-ratio transmission. Close-ratio transmissions can handle more and lose less power when shifting gears. When shifting from gear to gear, there is a loss in RPMs, which translates to a loss of power, even if only for a split second. As the RPMs fall, the power falls, and the speed of the car also decreases. In racing, that loss of speed makes a big difference. Changing from a wide-ratio to a close-ratio transmission preserves that speed and power between gears.

Synchs and Dogs

A synchronizer system is found on most stock transmissions and its goal is to help change gears quickly. The problem is that a synchronizer can’t withstand intense racing, in addition to the performance demands put on it. Dog engagement is a more durable performance upgrade. Featuring dogs and cogs attached to the slotted collar, it ensures that dog boxes are upshifted whether or not you’re using a clutch.

DCT Transmissions

Dual-clutch transmissions (DCT) are replacing the standard three-pedal system in race cars. Major auto manufacturers are making this a standard part of their race teams. DCTs allow the driver to switch from fully automatic to an assisted manual transmission. When in manual mode, the driver doesn’t have to press a clutch to shift gears, and only has to move the shifter forward or backward. This eliminates any loss of power or speed when changing gears. The transmission never disengages, so nothing is lost in between gears.

Performance Clutch

A popular performance upgrade for manual transmissions is replacing the clutch, and this is a good place to start. Factory clutches can’t handle the demands of high speeds and constant gear changes. An upgrade to a racing clutch will reduce the chance of failure while driving at high speeds.

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