Military Family Support Organizations

Military Family Support Organizations

Affirm CollaboratorJanuary 24, 2020

In recent years, the number of veteran and active-duty military support organizations has grown a lot, and that’s wonderful. Veterans need the support and respect of the nation for what they were willing to do when no one else would. When those soldiers deploy overseas, they leave important people behind—their families. Military families go through their own struggles while mom or dad is overseas, and support groups and charities help them get through tough times. Military family support organizations play a vital role in keeping the families together while they await the return of their loved ones.

Mission Critical

Mission Critical is an organization that raises funds for service members and veterans that sustained wounds or injuries during combat-related activities. The money they raise goes to these wounded soldier’s families to aid them in meeting monthly bills. The money can help pay for rent or mortgages, utilities, and medical expenses in addition to finding them transportation to and from medical appointments. Ninety-five cents of every dollar donated helps veterans and their families.

Operation We Are Here

This organization was started by the wife of an Army chaplain, and it’s a resource for spouses and families of active-duty soldiers. They provide a list of resources and organizations available and ready to help families. They also offer advice on how to get involved and seek out support groups full of people that can relate to the struggles specific to military families.

Our Military Kids

The mission of Our Military Kids is to empower active duty soldiers’ children by funding sports, arts, and other activities when their parents deploy overseas. It supports those deployed with the National Guard or Reserves and those recovering from injuries in all service branches. When a Guardsman deploys, they leave their families and jobs, making life hard on those at home. The group helps cover the loss of income for the family by paying for the kids’ activities during the deployment.

A Story Before Bed

A Story Before Bed believes in connecting children with parents, grandparents, and loved ones through reading and storytelling. They want to help connect families that can’t be together, especially active-duty military personnel. Through their website, active-duty military members can record themselves reading a bedtime story for their kids to playback and listen to at bedtime. To date, they have given away 304,250 free recordings to all branches of the military.

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