Competition 68RFE (Rebuild Kit - 1,000HP)

Next Gen Diesel

This is the DIY Kit version of the ultimate 68RFE.

The Competition 68RFE from Next Gen Diesel is THE most comprehensive 68RFE on the market. It is designed to withhold the abuse of our most rigorous road-bearing customers while staying cool, shifting fast and getting power to the ground, featuring many patent pending groundbreaking components.


- Billet SFI Approved Flexplate
- Billet Low Stall Triple Disk Torque Converter
- Billet Impeller
- Lockup Clutch Dampener
- Billet Lockup Clutch Apply Piston
- Billet Maraging Steel Input Shaft
- Billet 4C Return Spring Retainer

- Cryogenically treated OD Hub 
- Billet 4C Apply Piston
- Billet 2C Apply Piston
- Billet Input Clutch Hub
- Billet Input Clutch Retainer
- Billet Input Drum (Stinger)
- Billet Center Support
- Billet Central Pump Gear Bushing Insert
- Billet TC Limit Valve Sleeve
- Billet Accumulator Piston's w/ Custom Relief Circuits
- Billet Solenoid Switch Valve Assembly
- Billet L/R Switch Valve Assembly
- Billet Transfer Plate Plate
- Stamped Steel Accumulator Backing Plate
- TC Switch Valve Spring Upgrade
- Next Gen Bulletproof Sprag Assembly
- Raybestos GPZ Complete Friction Module
- Complete Overhaul of all seals and gaskets
- Mag Hytec Deep Pan
- Next Gen Diesel F1 Valve Body Parts Package w/ NeverLeak™
- Next Gen Diesel F1 Pump™ Parts Package
- New OEM Solenoid Pack