EconoMax® 68RFE Rebuild Kit w/ Torque Converter (550HP)

Next Gen Drivetrain, Inc.


     Back by popular demand is our EconoMax® series of our 68RFE transmission lineup. The 68RFE is easily one of the most problematic and untrustworthy transmissions that currently plagues the diesel truck world. It is a promising source of overdrive failure, broken input shafts and crossleaking valve bodies to say the very least. We even did a full-length technical publication on the 68RFE, it’s problems and it’s solutions. You can read more here:

>>> Transmissions 101: 68RFE Transmission • Problems & Solutions

     Fortunately, we have gone back to the drawing board in the interest of creating a product that was affordable and practical while maintaining all of the necessary updates and improvements to live the longest life possible; a "once and done" transmission. The result was our incredibly long-lasting and crisp-shifting EconoMax® 68RFE Transmission.


Note: This is a rebuild kit, not a complete transmission. If you would like a complete transmission with our 2 Year / Unlimited Mile warranty, see our durable EconoMax® 68RFE Transmission here:

>>> EconoMax® 68RFE w/ Torque Converter (550HP)

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Next Gen Drivetrain™ proudly offers fast, easy and affordable instant financing. You can finance your order straight from your computer or phone in as little as 5 minutes through companies like Affirm, Katapult & Shop Pay Installments. Some options offer as low as 0% APR! To learn how, check out our EZ Financing guide below:

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Why Choose an EconoMax® Series Transmission?

     EconoMax® Series transmissions are designed to rival the cost of an OEM replacement, but far more reliable, featuring all essentials necessary to withstand the test of time for factory power or lightly modified applications. These transmissions generally feature upgraded pumps, valve bodies, torque converters and friction materials whilst also consisting of a complete and total remanufacturing in excess of all OEM specifications.

     EconoMax® Series transmissions shift smoothly, operate at comfortably low temperatures and are designed to optimize for longevity, low cost of lifetime maintenance and direct OEM compatibility. Further, they're highly affordable given their robust credentials.

     You can find EconoMax® Series transmissions in everything from farm trucks, to construction vehicles to forever cars for your local family of 5. Their blend of concise shifts, low cost of maintenance and tremendous reliability make them an attractive option for the majority of people looking for an entry level transmission with top shelf reliability.

     If that isn’t attractive enough, these transmissions feature a 2 year, unlimited mile warranty. We design these units to ensure that clients looking for an affordable and reliable alternative to OEM parts have access to a tremendous option. If you’re looking to take advantage of Next Gen Drivetrain™ technology at an accessible price-point, the EconoMax® is an incredible choice.

Why Choose Next Gen Drivetrain, Inc.?

     Next Gen Drivetrain, Inc. is a Veteran Owned and Operated company in gorgeous San Diego, California that specializes in engineering, developing and manufacturing the height of automotive transmission technology. Unlike most transmission companies that simply buy often foreign-made parts from their supplier, rebuild a transmission and sell it to you at an upcharge, Next Gen Drivetrain, Inc. is not a transmission shop or simple transmission rebuilding facility. We are an engineering and manufacturing firm specializing in automotive transmission technology, ranging from exotic imports to muscle cars to diesel trucks.

     We’ve invented dozens and dozens of different unique transmission parts from nothing that are exclusive to Next Gen Drivetrain™, not to mention developing over 100 different custom transmission and torque converter build sheets. We do not sell our popular inventions such as our Project Carbon® valve body upgrade kits to other large transmission companies, making Next Gen Drivetrain™ products truly unique to Next Gen Drivetrain™. Next Gen Drivetrain™ parts are proprietarily engineered in-house and manufactured right here in San Diego, California.

     Further, everything we develop is designed to be the highest quality and best functioning component first, with all other metrics secondary. For example, things made of Aluminum will often be Steel or Tungsten at Next Gen Drivetrain™. Things that are cast at other companies will often be CNC Machined at Next Gen Drivetrain™, and so on. When purchasing a Next Gen Drivetrain™, you can be assured that you’ve chosen the most premium option available, far more than some basic updates and a colorful painted exterior.

     We highly encourage you to compare our build sheets to any similarly priced product by a so-called “competitors” as you will see Next Gen Drivetrain™ products have no true equivalent, featuring the most extensive set of deliverables at their respective costs. Best of all, we are always just a phone call away, and happy to discuss your personal needs at length to ensure you’ll love your new product. Procuring your transmission through Next Gen Drivetrain™ is truly boutique experience. Call in and speak to an expert today!

This unit is best for:

  • Daily Driving
  • Towing/Hot-Shotting
  • Stock to Light Power Increases
  • Long-Lasting Clutch Materials
  • Firm but Predictable Shifts

About Next Gen Drivetrain™ Transmission Rebuild Kits:

     There are two main problems that most will come across when buying a rebuild kit for their transmission. The first problem, is the kit simply not having the parts needed to finish the job. Many rebuild kits come with gaskets and seals, a friction module and a shift kit. Although these are all justifiable purchases, they leave someone committed to “doing it right” with much to be desired. At Next Gen Drivetrain™, this problem is simply nonexistent. We are proud to include every last component necessary to not only complete the job, but complete it properly and not have to purchase additional parts like electronics or bushings elsewhere.

     Secondly, it is just short of a standard for rebuild kits to possess different parts than what is used in the actual product. (i.e. lower quality clutches than what are used in the manufactured product) At Next Gen Drivetrain™, we simply disagree. Our high performance rebuild kits are comprised of the exact same parts that we use in our own complete transmission builds, down to the clutch material. It may be a common practice for the rebuild kit to hail in comparison to the real deal, but at Next Gen, this is no more.

    EconoMax® 68RFE Rebuild Kit Specifications:

    • Custom Clutch and Steel Stack-Ups
    • Billet CNC Machined Stator
    • Molded Apply Piston Kit
    • Custom Double-Sided Converter Clutch
    • Billet Project Carbon® Accumulator Piston Set
    • Recalibrated Accumulator Spring Set
    • Self Cleaning Low/Reverse Switch Valve
    • SSV Axial Support Plugs (Drop-In)
    • Bonded Steel Laser-Cut Separator Plate w/ Custom Oil Circuitry
    • Steel Accumulator Girdle
    • Extra Thick OD Snapring Update
    • Central Pump Gear Bushing
    • Billet Torque Converter Limit Valve Sleeve
    • Polished Pump Separator Plate
    • Recalibrated Pump Accumulator Piston Springs
    • Next Gen Drivetrain™ Proprietary Drainback Circuit Modification
    • Raybestos GPZ OD Clutch Module
    • Raybestos GPZ 2C Clutch Module
    • Raybestos GPZ 4C Clutch Module
    • Raybestos GPZ L/R Clutch Module
    • Raybestos GPZ Reverse Clutch Module
    • Raybestos GPZ UD Clutch Module
    • Extra Deep Transmission Pan
    • Bronze Bushings
    • OEM Torrington Roller Bearing Kit
    • (2) OEM Speed Sensors
    • OEM Pressure Transducer
    • OEM Solenoid Pack
    • OEM Paper/Rubber Gasket & Seal Kit
    • OEM Sump Filter
    • Billet Spin-On Filter Adapter
    • OEM Spin-On Filter


         Despite it’s many shortcomings, the 68RFE does have the ability to succeed and prosper. We believe that our EconoMax® built 68RFE rebuild kit is the best option available for someone who seeks a long-lasting, heavy duty unit with countless upgrades for the cost of a factory exchange. For more assistance, ask one of our experts!

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