Project Carbon® 10L1000 Manual Valve Upgrade (Drop-In)

Next Gen Drivetrain, Inc.

10L1000 Manual Valve Upgrade:

     Many 10L1000 transmissions experience bore wear around the feeble and cheaply made OEM manual valve as visible in the pictures above. This problem can cause the column shifter to become stuck, especially in cold weather. But, even worse, bore wear around the valve can cause a significant loss in pressure to the clutch packs themselves. This causes the clutches to degrade VERY quickly and has been detected at some level in roughly 40% of the 10L1000 transmission cores we receive here.

     As your source for the highest quality Allison 10L1000 transmission parts, we have invented our hyper-reliable Project Carbon® 10L1000 Manual Valve Upgrade; a must for ALL 10L1000 transmissions. This valve fixes this problem permanently in multiple ways. Firstly, the valve itself wears down more than the valve, in nearly all units tested, replacing the valve fixed the problem without machine work.

     Secondarily, this valve is made from extremely rough stainless steel alloy with cobalt to increase tensility and yield. To protect the bore from any potential damage, the lands of this valve undergo a lengthy precision de-burring process to prevent any abrasive contact with the valve body casting. This valve is simply guaranteed to never fail, period.

     This upgrade can restore pressure to multiple clutch packs, offering immediate improvements and relief for the transmission. Best of all, it does not confuse any of the on-board electronics and can be installed in a driveway, NO SOLENOID STRATEGY REQUIRED! Just install and go! This proprietary, made-in-house valve is unique to Next Gen Drivetrain, do not be fooled by counterfeit knockoffs. Still have questions? Call in and speak to an expert today!