EconoMax™ 6L50-E Transmission w/ Torque Converter (250HP)

Next Gen Drivetrain, Inc.

Introduction to our EconoMax™ 6L50:

     For those who may not know, the 6L50-E is based on a very old and outdated platform of 6-Speed Torque Converter style RWD transmissions that were notorious for torque converter failure, internal crossleakage and overheating. This transmission was never designed for a diesel truck or performance car, not even a smaller one at that. Our mission is to provide an alternative that indeed was.

This Transmission is best for:

  • Daily Driving
  • Towing/Hot-Shotting
  • Stock to Moderate Power Increases
  • Long-Lasting Clutch Materials
  • Freeway Pulls/Moving Launches
  • Firm but Predictable Shifts

Our 10-Step Transmission Remanufacturing Process:

  1. The first step in our remanufacturing process is a complete and total disassembly and inspection of all internal components, including the torque converter, geartrain, hydraulics, clutches and/or electronics.
  2. All wear components, such as bushings, bearings, washers, gaskets, seals, O-Rings, clutches, steels and more, are thrown away regardless of their health or usability, even if brand new.
  3. An intense cleaning session using the highest quality cleaning agents available to modern manufacturing ensues, steam tanking and hand cleaning these parts for up to 8 hours.
  4. We begin our inspection of the few remaining core hard parts to ensure that they are 100% re-usable, unworn and undamaged. Should a core part (such as a case) be irreparably deficient or unusable, it is properly discarded and replaced with a brand new one.
  5. At this point, the assembly process begins. All components consistent with your build sheet are staged and the proper machining, assembly and calibration of the product begins.
  6. Upon completion of all assembly, applicable components are individually tested on their respective machinery to ensure proper function and integrity, specifically hydraulics and electronics.
  7. At this point, final assembly begins. All pre-assembled internal components are then completed within the case, tested and forwarded to quality assurance.
  8. Prior to leaving our facility, a separate team member then inspects the final product, ensuring that the product matched the build sheet, and finishing touches like sensors or pan bolts are retorqued to assure future success for our product.
  9. At this point, the completed transmission is crated, the logistics of delivering your product are coordinated, and the item will proceed to shipping to prepare for embark to it’s new home.
  10. Upon completion of the 9 previous steps, you will receive notification of the product’s completion, passage of our quality control measures, and tracking information once applicable!

EconoMax™ 6L50-E Build Specifications:

- Modified Torque Converter with Upgraded Lockup Clutch Assembly

- Chromoly Impeller Hub

- Custom Stator

- Cast Aluminum Deep Pan w/ Integrated Drain Plug

- Next Gen Drivetrain™ Project Carbon™ Valve Body

- Next Gen Drivetrain™ Project Carbon High Pressure Oil Pump

- OEM Solenoid Set

- OEM TEHCM (Brand New, NOT Remanufactured)

- OEM Speed Sensors

- Raybestos High Energy Friction Module

- Next Gen Drivetrain™ SpeedSync™ Steel Set

- Custom Center Support Feed Update (Prevents a crossleak that causes the common “shutter” condition)

- Billet Steel Clutch Regulator Valve

- Billet Steel Pressure Regulator Valve

- Billet Steel TCC Regulator Valve

- Billet Aluminum End Plug Set

Conclusion of our EconoMax™ 6L50:

     Vehicles ranging from the 2.8L DuraMax to the Cadillac ATS gave us many challenges when understanding and designing a 6L50-E that was consistent with the needs of our clients. After much time of pen to paper, and rubber to road, we are confident that our built transmissions for the 6L50-E community are prepared to deliver in any condition. Call us today to talk to an expert! It only takes a few minutes.