Competition AS69RC (1000HP)

Next Gen Diesel

This is the ultimate built AS69RC transmission. This transmission has a unique ability to double as a very high performance unit whilst advantageously hauling almost any load effortlessly. It is designed for someone who doesn't necessarily have 1,500HP, or plan to be at the drag strip every weekend, but certainly possesses or intends to achieve incredible power numbers and wants to take advantage of it in the most utilitarian, dependable, dynamic and capable manner possible.

This built AS69RC transmission comes with the following fortifying upgrades:

- Billet SFI Approved Flexplate

- Billet 6 Disk Torque Converter (Yes, SIX!)

- Billet K2 Clutch Hub

- Billet K2 Apply Piston

- Billet K3 Apply Piston

- Custom K3 Clutch Drum and Clutch Stack-Up

- Raybestos GPZ Friction Module w/ Added Clutches

- Next Gen Diesel F1 Valve Body

- Next Gen Diesel F1 Pump

- OEM Bushing Kit

- OEM Bearing Kit

- All applicable Gaskets & Seals

- Deep Oil Pan