SuperStock 68RFE (550HP)

Next Gen Diesel

This built 68RFE Transmission is the king of daily driving and mild to moderate performance. Are you a moderately built street rod that’s under 550? Tow Pig? Or maybe just someone who enjoys using their truck with peace of mind? When we created our SuperStock 68RFE Transmission, we wanted to ensure a unit that provided economy, durability and power in the most breathtaking and jaw-dropping package possible. The 68RFE transmission’s biggest failure point is the valve body. The crossleakage is immense, and kills various parts of the transmission very quickly in even stock applications. To combat this, we construct our valve bodies using special machining and laser cut separation plate to ensure that crossleakage is a thing of the past.

In this built 68RFE transmission, you’ll find:


- Billet Twin Disk Low Stall Torque Converter
- Billet 4C Return Spring Retainer
- Central Pump Gear Bushing Insert
- Billet TC Limit Valve Sleeve
- Billet Accumulator Piston's w/ Custom Relief Circuits
- Billet Solenoid Switch Valve Assembly
- Billet L/R Switch Valve Assembly
- Precision Machined OD Pressure Plate
- 20% Added Clutch Volume to Overdrive
- Billet 2C Apply Piston
- Precision Machined 4C Stepdown Plate
- 35% More Clutch Volume to 2C
- 35% More Clutch Volume to 4C
- High Performance L/R Clutches
- TC Switch Valve Spring Upgrade
- Raybestos GPZ Complete Friction Module
- Complete Overhaul of all seals and gaskets
- Mag Hytec Deep Pan
- Next Gen Diesel High Performance Street Valve Body w/ NeverLeak™
- Next Gen Diesel F1 Pump™
- New OEM Solenoid Pack

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