Street 48RE (750HP)

Next Gen Diesel

This built 48RE transmission is our most popular unit, designed for the 99%. Those who plan to tow, daily drive, and have fun on the weekends with a collectively bulletproof transmission. We recommend ordering a billet output shaft if one plans to boost launch frequently!

This built 48RE transmission includes:

- Next Gen Diesel High Performance Valve Body w/ Billet Governor Pressure Conversion
- 23 Spline Billet Input Shaft
- Custom 23 Spline Stator Support
- SFI Approved Custom Flexplate
- Custom High Pressure Pump
- 23 Spline Billet Stator Converter
- Mag Hytec Double Deep Pan
- Billet Apply Pistons
- Billet 2nd Gear Band w/ Kevlar Lining
- Billet Intermediate Servo
- Billet 1-2 Accumulator Piston
- Billet Low/Reverse Servo
- Billet Lever
- Billet Strut
- Billet Anchor
- Complete Overhaul Kit
- Raybestos GPZ Complete Friction Module w/ Added Clutches
- Bearing Kit
- Bushing Kit
- Washer Kit