Street AS68RC (Rebuild Kit - 650HP)

Next Gen Diesel

When it comes to making our AS68RC Rebuild Kit, there's virtually nobody putting time into understanding and correcting this unit due to the extremely problematic design and inherent malfunction and complication that plagues this transmission. 

Naturally, at Next Gen we are unphased by this challenge. The factory AS68RC transmission is known for rancid pump and valve body issues that often leave cores damaged beyond worth. It is extremely common that cores that are sent in will be damaged beyond their core value because the pumps have been obliterated. Beyond this, once the pumps are damaged, they must be purchased in conjunction with a valve body as they are hydromechanically calibrated to one another, and cost $4,000-$5,000 brand new, hence why these units are often exceptionally expensive builds.

We have invested an unmatched level of effort in ensuring this unit is blessed with what it needs to be successful in the rigorous and demanding applications with which the AS68RC transmission is found.

This AS68RC Rebuild Kit comes with the following critical upgrades:

- Billet SFI Approved Flexplate

- 6 Disk Torque Converter (Yes, SIX!)

- Billet K2 Hub

- Raybestos Clutch Module

- Custom Steel Module

- Clutch Control Valve Sleeves

- Deep Pan

- Next Gen Diesel F1 Valve Body Kit

- Next Gen Diesel F1 Pump Parts Kit

- OEM Bearing Kit

- OEM Bushing Kit

- All Applicable Gaskets/Seals

Compare our AS68RC Rebuild Kits to the competition and you'll see there is no equal!