Project Carbon™ 5R110 Valve Body DIY Upgrade Kit - V4.0

Next Gen Drivetrain, Inc.

A Must for EVERY 5R110 Transmission:

     Yet another installment in our coveted valve body upgrade kits is our 5R110 Project Carbon™ Valve Body DIY Upgrade Kit, designed for your 5 Speed Automatic 6.0 or 6.4 Power Stroke! The 5R110 valve body is responsible for controlling virtually all functions of the transmission. All too often, the meager paper gaskets that seal the valve body to the case begin to leak, depriving you of critical line pressure when you need it most and catalyzing catastrophic failures.

     Further, the OE Manual Valve assembly is prone to prolific failures with crossleakage, seizure and otherwise; often leaving trucks stuck in reverse and other abstract seeming symptoms. The end result is a transmission with inherently limited longevity, and shift quality that quickly deteriorates over the years. This kit is designed to not just replenish the 5R110's valve body, but rather totally upgrade and enhance it's operation.

     Below, we will assess and analyze the benefits of the Next Gen Drivetrain™ proprietary 5R110 Project Carbon™ Valve Body DIY Upgrade Kit and take a deeper look into each of it's components. Whether you're drag racing, towing, commuting or just rebuilding, this kit is a MUST as well as a difference you can immediately feel!


Difficulty Level: 3 out of 10

Install Time: 1 hour*

 *This kit comes with very easy to follow instructions and visuals to help you install the product as efficiently as possible. If you run into any questions or hang-ups, just call in and ask to speak to an expert!*

You can expect:

- Much better shifting

- Tremendously increased longevity, resolving the dreaded manual valve issue unlike other kits!

- Better clutch control

- Fixes crossleakage better than any other DIY kit on the market 

*For those who are not in the market for our complete and ready to install valve bodies or transmissions, this is the perfect DIY solution that ANYONE can do, and is designed to address the major failure points of the 5R110 once and for all.*

This kit consists of:

- 5X Thicker Than OEM Laser Cut Project Carbon™ Valve Body Separator Plate Set

- CNC Machined Aluminum Manual Valve w/ Protective Anodization

- (5) Billet CNC Machined O-Ring Style Anti-Leak End Plugs

- (5) High Temperature O-Ring Updates (OE uses zombie solenoids that never turn on and leak at the internal electrical diaphragm)

5R110 Manual Valve Assembly:

     The 5R110 Manual Valve Assembly is the piece that moves about the valve body to control gears as you move the column shifter to select one. This piece is grossly problematic in the 5R110 because it's the only valve assuming all of the responsibility, and the remainder of the transmissions operative functions are controlled by the activation and deactivation of solenoids.

     The best upgrade one can use to prevent future problems from this component, or to improve its present operation, is install a different valve altogether. When someone feels a slower than OE engagement into drive or reverse, it indicates leakage at this component and this upgrade becomes vital. Best of all, it's 100% drop-in! 

The Project Carbon™ Separator Plate Set:

     Think of your separator plate as the head gasket of your transmission. It’s exposed to tremendous pressure and frequently begins to leak causing catastrophic failure. Our proprietary CNC Laser-Cut Separator plate is designed both 3x thicker than the cheap factory paper gasket to maximize sealing potential and negate this concern, but also is designed to torque to a near perfect seal on its third torque.

     These are also single piece plates, rather than multiple paper gaskets that are to be laid together, providing ease and precision during install with the thickest and best sealing separator plate on the market. CNC Lasering also enables us to maintain the most stringent tolerances while also offering a hand finish to both mating surfaces. This separator plate puts shame to all others and is a MUST for longevity OR power in any 5R110!

Billet CNC Machined O-Ring Style Anti-Leak End Plugs:

     On the 5R110 valve body, there are 5 "dead switches" that serve literally zero purpose and don't actually do anything. As a result, they're pointless crossleaks that catalyze poor longevity. For a robust solution, we include 5 end plugs CNC Machined to plug these holes for good. By adding these to the valve body, along with the aforementioned components, you ensure a vacuum-tight valve body that is destined to perform better than new! 


     If you’re looking for a DIY solution to your 5R110 that does not require a transmission drop, tremendous shop labor costs or going broke, there’s is no better product than our 5R110 Project Carbon™ Valve Body DIY Upgrade Kit. This bestselling product is easy to install, affordable and delivers huge improvements to the 5R110 at any mileage or rebuild. If you still have questions, we encourage to call in and speak to one of our experts!

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