Project Carbon® 68RFE High Performance Billet Valve Body

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The Project Carbon® Billet Valve Body

               Welcome to the Project Carbon® 68RFE Billet Valve Body by Next Gen Drivetrain™. This is the fastest shifting, only air-tight valve body in existence for the 68RFE, designed 100% in-house. This valve body is designed to be the perfect dichotomy between practicality and performance; maximizing both without sacrificing the other. We’ve done an incredible amount of research on the 68RFE valve body over the years, and have compiled much of that information into our Transmissions 101 Technical Publication on the 68RFE Valve Body, which can be seen here:

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               We reinvigorated and revolutionized your 68RFE Valve Body with the NeverLeak style valve body, and gilded you with confidence with our lifetime NeverLeak warranty. We have taken all of the amazing attributes of that valve body and pushed them to their limits with this new unit. 


               For our DIY inclined customers who are looking for a no-machining, 100% drop-in, All-In-One 68RFE valve body solution kit, our best-selling Project Carbon® 68RFE DIY Valve Body Upgrade kit can be found here:

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A Valve Body for Everyone

              At Next Gen Drivetrain™, we are well aware that not all customers are seeking the same desired end state. Some customers seek the ability to tow triumphantly over large grades and maintain cool temperatures; maximizing longevity. On the other hand, we have customers seeking the ability to displace as much power as possible, and naturally, everything in between. We pride ourselves on dominating the 68RFE valve body with superior technology that allows us to deliver a true totalitarian solution that is designed to bolt into any unmodified 68RFE and produce incredible results without the need for complicated modifications to tuning or shift dynamics.

               In fact, this valve body is 100% bolt in, tuned or untuned in almost all cases. Naturally, not all tuners tune the same and it would always be smart practice to communicate with one of our experts first to ensure smooth sailing at all points in the transition to your vehicles new and enhanced valve body.

              Something that most should understand is that the valve body is not the part of the transmission that produces pressure, but rather the pump. The reason the valve body is critical in producing pressure is because it is easily the largest leak-point in this transmission. Our flagship valve body, the Project Carbon®, absolves these concerns in totality, justifying our unique Lifetime Warranty on this product. To access increases above factory line pressure, you must employ some form of TCM tuning to instruct the transmission to electronically command more line pressure. Our valve body is 100% pre-configured for increased line pressure and can run safely and properly with or without TCM tuning.


This is a must-have for the following applications:

- Daily Driving

- Towing

- Drag Race/Sled Pull

- Commuting

- General Enhancement

This 68RFE Billet Valve Body will provide you with:

- Faster Shifting

- Smoother Clutch Handoffs

- Faster Acceleration

- Enhancement to Transmission Clutch Life and Holding Power

Project Carbon® 68RFE Billet Valve Body Features:

- 1" Thick Custom Billet Channel Plate (About 40% Stronger than the previous)

- Springloaded Billet SSV Assembly (including end plugs)

- Billet Accumulator Pistons w/ Custom Relief Circuits

- Waterjet Cut Steel Accumulator Plate

- Bonded Separator Plate

- Steam Tanking and Pressure Cleaning

- Anodization of SSV bore

- Lathing/Stoning of contact surfaces to 0.001”

- Overdrive Spring Shim

- Billet Triple Land Anodized L/R Switch Valve

- Highly Modified Oil Circuitry to Enhance Shift Quality

- Anti-flexion billet material to prevent crossleakage

- No Measurable Line Pressure Limitations*

- NeverLeak Technology

* - We cannot reliably test over 300PSI, but at 300PSI, the valve body simply did not present unwanted internal crossleaks. 250PSI is our highest recommended temperature to avoid excess heat and functional inhibitions. Remember that line pressure is like boost. The more the merrier; until something breaks!


    The Project Carbon® 68RFE Billet Valve Body is designed to encompass the best of what we have to offer; equally sufficing both the daily driving crowd, and the high performance crowd. Whether your priorities are longevity, performance, towing or otherwise, the Project Carbon® valve body is the premier option! For more information, call in and speak to one of our experts.

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