Project Carbon® Laser Cut 10L1000 Valve Body Separator Plate

Next Gen Drivetrain, Inc.

The Project Carbon® Crushing-Style Separator Plate:

     Project Carbon Laser-Cut Separator Plates are the thickest, best sealing separator plates on the market. Think of your separator plate as the head gasket of your transmission. It’s exposed to tremendous pressure and frequently begins to leak causing catastrophic failure. Our proprietary CNC Laser-Cut Separator crushing plate is designed both thicker to maximize sealing potential and negate this concern, but also is designed to torque to a perfect seal on its third torque.

     This is also a single piece plate, rather than multiple paper gaskets that are to be laid together, providing ease and precision during install with the thickest and best sealing separator plate on the market. CNC Lasering also enables us to maintain the most stringent tolerances while also offering a hand finish to both mating surfaces. This separator plate puts shame to all others and is a MUST for longevity OR power!

Note: This product fits ALL 10L1000 Transmissions


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