SuperStock 47RE (Rebuild Kit - 500HP)

Next Gen Diesel

This kit is designed to be a 100% inclusive "DIY" version of our SuperStock 48RE, rated for 500HP. This kit consists of everything needed to build this unit yourself.

In this kit, you'll find:
- Billet Oversized Single Disc Converter
- Billet Intermediate Servo
- Billet L/R Servo
- Billet 1-2 Accumulator Piston
- Billet Forward
- Billet Lever
- Billet Strut
- Billet Anchor
- Street Series Valve Body DIY Kit
- Mag Hytec Double Deep Pan
- Complete Paper/Rubber Gasket and Seal Kit
- Complete Bearing Kit
- Complete Washer Kit
- Raybestos GPZ Frictions
- Kolene Steels
- Rigid Intermediate Band
- L/R Band
- Lockup/OD Electronics Pack