Project Carbon® 8HP55 Transmission w/ Torque Converter (1200HP)

Next Gen Drivetrain, Inc.


     This is the coveted Project Carbon® series of our ZF 8HP55 transmission lineup. Although this transmission is certainly better than many out-the-box, it is still known to fail in enduring applications. Unfortunately, it's extreme complexity leaves most transmission remanufacturing facilities excluded from this market. At Next Gen Drivetrain, our ability to invent and design our own parts, coupled with our extraordinary and diverse experience in complicated units such as this enable us to provide unique, premium upgrades and solutions to the factory ZF 8HP55 transmission. Explore our research and development below:

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Note: Due to the high customizability and configurability of the ZF 8-Speed transmission, an expert will contact you after your order is placed within 3 business days to confirm vehicle fitment, VIN, calibration and more. You are also welcome to call in to complete your order!

Note: Due to absence of cores and variations in fitment, ZF 8-Speed transmissions for most vehicles will require the core to be submitted for remanufacturing at this time. The standard manufacturing time is less than 30 days on nearly all builds.

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Why Choose a Project Carbon® Series Transmission?

     Unlike anything else on the market, rare and desired Project Carbon® Series transmissions are the Monarch of our brand. These exhilarating transmissions are track monsters that you can take on a road-trip. We use Project Carbon® Series transmissions to incorporate all of our available technologies into one product, showing the zenith of our brand’s capabilities. These transmissions will feature maximally upgraded pumps, valve bodies, torque converters, billet hard parts wherever possible and friction materials whilst also consisting of a complete and total remanufacturing in excess of all OEM specifications.

     Project Carbon® products shine both on the road, and on the track. These products shine on the road for their crisp yet tame shifts, low operating temperatures and excellent longevity. Would you believe many of these products are owned by logistics companies who travel cross-country with them? Applications featuring large power additions or highly demanding applications that also desire peace of mind trust Next Gen Drivetrain™ Project Carbon® products.

     Additionally, these products are unrivaled in high-performance applications. When it comes to performance, less time spent shifting is more time spent accelerating. Through this, we have engineered Project Carbon® products to chew down shift time as quickly as possible, without causing any aggression whatsoever. Project Carbon® products with torque converters are known to shift nearly as fast as Dual-Clutch transmissions found in the most exclusive performance vehicles, yet smooth enough to provide a comfortable driving experience.

     Their blend of instant shifts, tight tolerances and tremendous reliability make them the most aspired option for a peak-level transmission with top shelf reliability. If that isn’t attractive enough, these transmissions feature a 2 year, unlimited mile warranty, just like an EconoMax® Series transmission. If you’re looking for the climax of automotive transmission technology, Next Gen Drivetrain™ Project Carbon® Series products are unrivaled, elite and truly extraordinary.

Why Choose Next Gen Drivetrain, Inc.?

     Next Gen Drivetrain, Inc. is a Veteran Owned and Operated company in gorgeous San Diego, California that specializes in engineering, developing and manufacturing the height of automotive transmission technology. Unlike most transmission companies that simply buy often foreign-made parts from their supplier, rebuild a transmission and sell it to you at an upcharge, Next Gen Drivetrain, Inc. is not a transmission shop or simple transmission rebuilding facility. We are an engineering and manufacturing firm specializing in automotive transmission technology, ranging from exotic imports to muscle cars to diesel trucks.

     We’ve invented dozens and dozens of different unique transmission parts from nothing that are exclusive to Next Gen Drivetrain™, not to mention developing over 100 different custom transmission and torque converter build sheets. We do not sell our popular inventions such as our Project Carbon® valve body upgrade kits to other large transmission companies, making Next Gen Drivetrain™ products truly unique to Next Gen Drivetrain™. Next Gen Drivetrain™ parts are proprietarily engineered in-house and manufactured right here in San Diego, California.

     Further, everything we develop is designed to be the highest quality and best functioning component first, with all other metrics secondary. For example, things made of Aluminum will often be Steel or Tungsten at Next Gen Drivetrain™. Things that are cast at other companies will often be CNC Machined at Next Gen Drivetrain™, and so on. When purchasing a Next Gen Drivetrain™, you can be assured that you’ve chosen the most premium option available, far more than some basic updates and a colorful painted exterior.

     We highly encourage you to compare our build sheets to any similarly priced product by a so-called “competitors” as you will see Next Gen Drivetrain™ products have no true equivalent, featuring the most extensive set of deliverables at their respective costs. Best of all, we are always just a phone call away, and happy to discuss your personal needs at length to ensure you’ll love your new product. Procuring your transmission through Next Gen Drivetrain™ is truly boutique experience. Call in and speak to an expert today!

Project Carbon® Products are Best For:

  • Stock to Extreme Power Increases
  • Fastest Shifting
  • Extreme Towing/Hauling
  • Extreme Commercial/Industrial Use
  • Ultra-High Longevity
  • Low Cost of Lifetime Maintenance
  • Lowest Operating Temperatures
  • Extreme Off-Road Use
  • Boost Launches
  • Freeway Pulls/Roll Racing
  • Competitive Drag Racing/Sled Pulling

Our 10-Step Transmission Remanufacturing Process:

  1. The first step in our remanufacturing process is a complete and total disassembly and inspection of all internal components, including the torque converter, geartrain, hydraulics, clutches and/or electronics.

  2. All wear components, such as bushings, bearings, washers, gaskets, seals, O-Rings, clutches, steels and more, are thrown away regardless of their health or usability, even if brand new.

  3. An intense cleaning session using the highest quality cleaning agents available to modern manufacturing ensues, steam tanking and hand cleaning these parts for up to 8 hours.

  4. We begin our inspection of the few remaining core hard parts to ensure that they are 100% re-usable, unworn and undamaged. Should a core part (such as a case) be irreparably deficient or unusable, it is properly discarded and replaced with a brand new one.

  5. At this point, the assembly process begins. All components consistent with your build sheet are staged and the proper machining, assembly and calibration of the product begins.

  6. Upon completion of all assembly, applicable components are individually tested on their respective machinery to ensure proper function and integrity, specifically hydraulics and electronics.

  7. At this point, final assembly begins. All pre-assembled internal components are then completed within the case, tested and forwarded to quality assurance.

  8. Prior to leaving our facility, a separate team member then inspects the final product, ensuring that the product matched the build sheet, and finishing touches like sensors or pan bolts are retorqued to assure future success for our product.

  9. At this point, the completed transmission is crated, the logistics of delivering your product are coordinated, and the item will proceed to shipping to prepare for embark to it’s new home.

  10. Upon completion of the 9 previous steps, you will receive notification of the product’s completion, passage of our quality control measures, and tracking information once applicable!

    Project Carbon® ZF 8HP55 Transmission Build Specifications:

    • Recalibrated Accumulator Piston Springs
    • Anodized Priming Valve w/ Seal Update
    • Billet Pressure Regulator Valve (Plugs loss of pressure at clutches)
    • Billet Accumulator Piston Set
    • Billet End Plug Set
    • Billet Internal End Plug Set
    • O-Ringed End Plug Update
    • Brand New OEM Solenoid Set
    • Main Line to Lube Modification
    • Recalibrated Latch Valve Springs
    • Recalibrated Pressure Regulator Valve Spring
    • Custom Raybestos GPZ A Clutch Module w/ Added Plates
    • Custom Raybestos GPZ B Clutch Module
    • Custom Raybestos GPZ C Clutch Module
    • Custom Raybestos GPZ D Clutch Module  w/ Added Plates
    • Custom Raybestos GPZ E Clutch Module
    • Custom SpeedSync™ A Steel Module w/ Added Plates
    • Custom SpeedSync™ B Steel Module
    • Custom SpeedSync™ C Steel Module
    • Custom SpeedSync™ D Steel Module  w/ Added Plates
    • Custom SpeedSync™ E Steel Module
    • New OEM Seal Set
    • New OEM Oil Pan Assembly
    • New OEM Filter
    • New OEM Bearing Kit
    • Updated Babbitt Bushing Kit
    • Billet E Clutch Hub Assembly
    • New OEM Input Speed Sensor
    • New OEM Output Speed Sensor
    • Billet A Backing Plate
    • Billet D Backing Plate
    • New Waved Plate Set (Protects Comfortable Shift Quality)
    • Custom Precision Machined Torque Converter Stator
    • Billet Impeller Hub Assembly
    • Alto TCC Assembly
    • Quad-Friction Lockup Mechanism
    • 38% More Line Pressure


        Do not be fooled by counterfeit quality ZF 8HP955 transmissions. Regardless of your application, Next Gen Drivetrain™ is committed to engineering and manufacturing the most reliable, high quality transmissions achievable for these complex and unique units. Still have questions? Call in and speak to an expert today!

    Note: Some product photography may display optional add-ons such as custom powdercoating, adapters for specific vehicles or similar. For a precise list of parts and services included in this product, please consult the build specification sheet listed above. If you have absolutely any questions, please feel free to contact us directly. It is our privilege to serve you.