Project Carbon® Oversized AS68RC Input Shaft w/ Billet Stator Support

Next Gen Drivetrain, Inc.

Introduction to the Project Carbon® Oversized AS68RC Input Shaft & K1 Drum Assembly w/ Billet Stator Support

     One of the most documented problems in the AS68RC transmission, especially in Dodge and Sterling trucks, is input shaft failure. In fact, nearly half of AS68RC transmissions we receive here as cores have a broken input shaft. When the input shaft fails, it destroys the pump and torque converter, a several thousand dollar failure to even just repair. For the most demanding applications, we've designed a fat-shaft version of this probable failure point.

     As a standard practice in all Next Gen Drivetrain AS68RC transmissions, our forged steel Project Carbon® AS68RC Input Shaft & K1 Drum Assembly is used. This product features an updated babbitt bushing as well as a forged steel construction enabling it to support the audacity of these powerful and heavily used vehicles. If you're using a deleted truck, carry heavy loads or have upsized tires, the oversized forged steel input shaft for your AS68RC is a must!

Note: Pump damaged by input shaft failure? All of our Project Carbon® AS68RC Oil Pumps come with the oversized stator support. Save $800 by buying the Oil Pump and input shaft together as we can remove the price of the stator support from the combo being as it is already included in the price of the pump.