Competition Allison (1200HP)

Next Gen Diesel

This is the ultimate built Allison transmission for your DuraMax Diesel. This unit leaves absolutely zero to be desired. There are no further upgrades that one can perform to our Competition series units. This unit is designed to hold the most rigorous demand of the 1200WHP DuraMax’s.

In this built Allison transmission you’ll find:

- Billet Input Shaft
- Billet Intermediate Shaft
- Billet Output Shaft
- Billet P2
- Billet C2
- SFI Billet Approved Flexplate
- Next Gen Diesel High Pressure Race Valve Body
- New OEM Pressure Manifold Switch
- Triple Disk Billet Converter w/ Billet Stator
- Modified Sun Gear
- Mag Hytec Deep Pan
- New Solenoid Set
- New Wiring Harness
- Next Gen Diesel High Pressure Pump
- Added Clutches/Steels to C1
- Added Clutches/Steels to C2
- Added Clutches/Steels to C3
- Added Clutches/Steels to C4
- C3 Oiling PTO Covers
- Billet Reaction Plates
- Next Gen Diesel Master Overhaul kit