Project Carbon® Lamborghini Aventador ISR Clutch & Flywheel Assembly

Next Gen Drivetrain, Inc.


     Is your bull just not launching like it did on day one? Has the transmission begun to produce fault codes or heat concerns? It is common knowledge that the Achilles' Heel of the mighty bull known as the Lamborghini Aventador is the clutch assembly of the independent shift rod (ISR) automated manual transmission. The exciting launch control system of the Aventador is designed to favor excitement over reliability, often leaving customers with tremendously expensive continued repairs and maintenance to the transmission. Few Lamborghini owners think to upgrade the clutch before it fails, as it often troubles the transmission assembly with it; a much costlier failure.

     Further, the Lamborghini Aventador clutch assembly becomes less responsive over time due to loss of friction material, just like a brake pad. When this happens, it grabs the flywheel with far less force - directly detracting from acceleration. This is the reason that many higher mileage Aventadors suffer from considerably slower "zero to 60mph" time than they did brand new. In fact, this can delay the launch of the vehicle to 60mph by as much as 0.5 seconds. When this happens, the clutch assembly will "drag" during application, causing more heat inside the transmission. Fortunately, an updated replacement resolving these concerns does exist.

This unit is best for:

  • Daily Driving
  • Stock to Extreme Power Increases
  • Long-Lasting Clutch Materials
  • Fast, Crisp but Predictable Engagement
  • Drag Racing/Competing

Lamborghini Aventador ISR Project Carbon® Clutch & Flywheel Assembly Build Specifications:

  • Precision Machined Steel Flywheel Assembly
  • Updated Composite Friction Material
  • New OEM Dampener Spring Assembly
  • Precision Machined Steel Clutch Basket
  • Hardened Steel Retainers & Fasteners to Withstand Repeated Abuse


     Lamborghini Aventador Clutch replacements are often a repeated expense for those seeking to drive their Aventadors the way they were originally designed. This can lead to various problems ranging from slippage to decreased acceleration and ultimately transmission failure. This upgraded Lamborghini Aventador clutch replacement is manufactured using a combination of OEM and upgraded parts to ensure supreme results on the road, and the racetrack. For more information, call in and speak to one of our experts!