Edge EAS EGT Probe + Lead Kit (Daily Driver/Tow) - 98620

Next Gen Drivetrain, Inc.

EDGE Insight EGT Probe Kit with EAS:

     Looking to monitor critical exhaust gas temperatures with your Edge CTS3? This is Edge's EGT Probe & Lead Kit designed to marry flawlessly with your new CTS3 high speed monitor! This kit is recommended for any and all applications as EGT's are a vital part of motor health. This kit is easy to install and in stock at all times!


  • Allows You To Read EGT's On The Edge CTS3
  • Facilitates Connecting Other Sensors To Edge CTS3
  • Easy To Connect And Configure
  • Expandable To Include Back Up Camera - Makes Connecting That Trailer A Breeze
  • Additional EGT Probes
  • Additional Data Fees, Including Fuel Pressure, Air Temperature, etc.