EconoMax® 8L90-E Valve Body w/ New OEM Electronics

Next Gen Drivetrain, Inc.

The EconoMax® Valve Body:

     Welcome to the EconoMax® 8L90-E Valve Body by Next Gen Drivetrain™. The largest drivetrain problem in the 8L90-E community is undeniably the valve bodies. The valve body of the 8L90-E Transmission used in modern cars ranging from Escalades to Corvettes robs the car of both longevity and acceleration with lackluster and difficult to predict shifts. Due to these slow shifts, the car loses considerable acceleration potential during these critical changes of gear.

     Further, these valve bodies are known to have extremely poor lifespans, often dying under warranty or immediately outside of warranty. When a valve body dies, it generally takes the transmission and torque converter with it, and is the cause of the well known “TCC Shudder” condition. This inferiority is caused by the General Motors “cost-cutting” design, and choice to use cheaper magnesium or aluminum components in lieu of steel or anodized aluminum alternatives that would simply cost more; out of step with the OEM's design culture.

     In response, we brought our coveted EconoMax® valve bodies to acommodate the 8L90-E community. This valve body features a host of modifications designed to prevent internal pressure leaks and inefficiencies that generate heat, slow down shift-time and decrease transmission lifespan. This combination of factors ensures that this valve body will make a noticeable improvement for anyone seeking a reliable yet capable 8L90-E valve body upgrade.

A Valve Body for Everyone

     At Next Gen Drivetrain™, we are well aware that not all customers are seeking the same desired end state. Some customers seek the ability to drive their Suburban 25,000 miles a year, some want their C7 to break 9 seconds in the 1/4 mile. What is common is the desire for crisper and more engaged shifts, a more confident driving experience and to rid yourself of the classic 8L90-E transmission fears we have all come to fear, dating back generations within the brand.

     Fortunately, this product is designed for easy installation by virtually any shop or qualified technician. This valve body installs 100% drop-in to the inferior OEM valve body and requires no modifications or sacrifices to the vehicle's operability in any way, making this an excellent upgrade for any vehicle featuring a GM 8-Speed transmission.

This is a must-have for the following applications:

- Daily Driving

- Commuting

- General Enhancement

- Towing

- Decreased Transmission Maintenance Costs

This 8L90-E Valve Body will provide you with:

- Faster Shifting

- Crisper Clutch Handoffs

- Enhancement to Transmission Clutch Life

- Fixes Common Pressure Bleeds at High Temp/Pressure

- Permanent Fix to Common TCC Shudder

Project Carbon™ Valve Body Features:

- Steel Accumulator Piston Set

- Recalibrated Accumulator Piston Springs

- Anodized Priming Valve

- Anodized Pressure Regulator Valve

- Aluminum End Plug Set

- OEM Solenoid Set


         The EconoMax® 8L90-E High Performance Valve Body is designed to be an affordable yet robust reliability upgrade. This product favors the daily driving crowd. Whether your priorities are longevity, performance, towing or otherwise, the EconoMax® valve body is the premier option! For more information, call in and speak to one of our experts.

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