Project Carbon® 68RFE Billet Channel Plate

Next Gen Drivetrain, Inc.

This 68RFE Billet Channel Plate is the ultimate in terms of durability, performance, functionality and quality; making it one of our most popular products!

The Project Carbon® Billet Channel Plate is made on a 5-Axis CNC Machine and is unique to other billet channel plates for it has full journal depth to critical exhaust circuits inside the valve body. These galleys are deeply inhibited by competing channel plates that do not take the extra time to cut these channels to proper depth. This, combined with the complete and total re-engineering of the lower 50% of the valve body makes this an absolute must for ANY 68RFE in ANY application.

Product Features:

- Ultimate fluid efficiency for the 68RFE
- Greatly decreased shift time
- Crisper shifts
- Faster acceleration
- Unwarpable, period.
- Made from high quality billet material, ensuring superior longevity
- Ability to run over 300PSI of line pressure



Q: Can I run this plate without increased line pressure?

A: Yes! It can be bolted directly to a bone stock transmission and work flawlessly.

Q: I’m not racing or doing anything crazy.. I focus more on towing or daily driving, would I still benefit from this plate?

A: Yes, yes and yes! This plate dramatically addresses failures like slow shift times and warpage, problems that will kill a 68RFE in ANY application. Although this is a necessity for high performance trucks, this is equally critical for lower powered trucks as well. What this 68RFE Billet Channel Plate may not use in power potential in a low power truck, it would compensate for in shift quality and longevity.


Q: Is there any drawback to having a billet channel plate on my 68RFE transmission?

A: None whatsoever! The Project Carbon® Billet Channel Plate is a powerful enhancement to all aspects of the Chrysler RFE valve body and transmission.