Allison Mag Hytec Deep Pan

Next Gen Drivetrain, Inc.

The Mag-Hytec pan is constructed of high quality aircraft aluminum and has a powder-coated finish. The bolts are zinc plated allen head screws and the washers are stainless steel. These components require no maintenance.

Parts List:
1. 1 Mag-Hytec Transmission Pan with O-ring (ARP 568-282) installed
2. 13 8 MM X 25 MM Zinc plated allen head cap screws (Torque 12-16 ft. lbs)
3. 14 5/16 stainless AN washers
4. 1 Drain plug assembly with magnet and O-ring (ARP 568-910) installed
5. 1 1/8 pipe plug SS (for optional temperature sender not included)

4.5 - Quarts Over Stock