Project Carbon® Aisin Seiki AS68RC Billet K2 Hub Assembly

Next Gen Drivetrain, Inc.

Aisin Seiki AS68RC Project Carbon® Billet K2 Hub Assembly:

      In the Aisin Seiki AS68RC, you can imagine the K2 hub as the “Overdrive” hub. This portion of the transmission is responsible for synchronizing in speed with the input shaft on the 3-4 upshift as the K2 (OD) clutch pack is engaged for the first time in the shift table.

     What does this mean to you? Simple. It’s under extreme stress by design, and you don’t need to be hot-rodding to break it. In fact, we have traced the majority of K2 hub failures in both this transmission and it’s modern frat, the AS69RC, overwhelmingly to sustained high GVWR; in english, TOWING AND HEAVY PAYLOAD!


So what’s the solution?:

    As with all transmissions that suffer from OD Hub failure, the solution is simply a stronger OD Hub. At Next Gen Drivetrain™, we offer the strongest CNC Machined Billet Aisin Seiki K2 Hubs available. Having been tested beyond the ulterior limitations of the test or the transmission, our Project Carbon® hubs currently have no recorded failure in the Aisin Seiki lineage.


This Product is a must for:

- Heavy Towing

- General Improvements in Reliability

- Enhanced Power Capacity

- Upgrading a part that fails at OEM power levels

- Pursuits of any added power, up to 1000HP+



- Heat Treated

- CNC Machined Billet Steel

- Protective Coating to Prevent Wear over Time

- 100% Drop-In

- Capacitates added clutches with addition of AS68RC 800HP Project Carbon® Overdrive Assembly