68RFE OEM Updated Pressure Sensor/Transducer - 4799758AD

Next Gen Drivetrain, Inc.

68RFE Line Pressure Transducer:

     Popular cause of P0934 codes, the line pressure transducer is on the back-passenger side of the case and is responsible for using supply and return voltage to understand line pressure on behalf of the TCM/PCM, and is critical to making line pressure decisions in highly electronic transmissions such as the 68RFE.

     Despite cheap aftermarket alternatives with lower quality copper windings, connections and otherwise, the OEM transducer is consistently the highest quality pressure transducer on the market for the Chrysler community. Fortunately, Next Gen Drivetrain™ keeps these popular items in stock!

     Whenever performing this repair or maintenance, it is highly advised to change the 68RFE Input and Output Speed Sensor as well, as they generally have the exact same lifespan.

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