Project Carbon® 68RFE Oil Pump (LIFETIME WARRANTY!)

Next Gen Drivetrain, Inc.

68RFE Project Carbon® Pump Assembly:

     Due to extreme demand, we now offer the strongest and most durable 68RFE Oil Pump available, proudly used in all of the transmissions we manufacture here. 

This pump is a MUST for:

- Daily Driving

- Towing

- High Performance

- Longevity

- Shift Quality


Let’s jump right into the science, the factory oil pump has 3 big failure points:

- Torque Converter Oiling

- Oil Pressure Production

- Extreme Valve Bore Wear/Flexion of Mating Surfaces (Crossleakage)


Our Project Carbon® 68RFE Oil Pump is designed to strategically dominate all 3 of these ailments and produce superior driving quality.


This pump features:

- Billet Aluminum TC Limit Valve Sleeve

- Billet Aluminum TC Switch Valve Sleeve (if applicable)

- Magnesium TC Switch Valve (if applicable)

- Billet High Flow Central Pump Gear

- Oversized Pressure Regulator Valve w/ Update to Oil Converter in Park (Patent Pending)

- Recalibrated Progressive Torque Converter Accumulator Piston Spring

- Billet Torque Converter Accumulator Piston

- Billet Torque Converter Accumulator Piston Sleeve

- Pump Bushing (if applicable)

- Precision Machining of Both Pump halves to perfect flatness

- New OEM Stator Support Rings

- Next Gen Drivetrain™ Proprietary Torque Converter Drainback Plug Modification

- Brand New OEM Sump Filter Seal

- Project Carbon® CNC Laser Cut Separator Plate (2X Thicker Than OEM)

- Billet Aluminum Front Pump Half & Cover w/ Modified Oil Geometry (Recommended)



     It is no secret that the 68RFE oil pump is as unreliable and problematic as it’s valve body. The Project Carbon™ 68RFE Oil Pump is vacuum tested after its manufacturing process to ensure perfection and is second to none. If you’re seeking the highest quality pump available for your 68RFE, this is the flagship choice and we’d love to speak to you about your build! Got questions? Call in and speak to an expert today!