Project Carbon® 68RFE Center Support Upgrade Kit

Next Gen Drivetrain, Inc.

The center support of the 68RFE is the critical area that houses the 2C and 4C clutch packs, responsible for gears 2, 3, 5 and 6. This kit tremendously revises, improves and addresses all the complications of the factory center support, including snap ring failure of the 4C return spring!


- Billet 4C Snap Ring Retainer
- Billet 2C Apply Piston
- Precision Machined Custom 4C Pressure Plate
- 4 2C GPZ Clutches and Steels
- 4 4C GPZ Clutches and Steels
- 33% Increase in Total Clutch Volume to 2C
- 33% Increase in Total Clutch Volume to 4C


Billet Center Support + Billet 4C Apply Piston provides increased rigidity and reliability to the center support and is a tremendous benefit for ALL applications!

You can expect:

- Faster/Crisper Shifts
- Flawless Towing in 6th Gear
- Enhanced Shift Quality
- More Efficient Clutch Engagement
- Enhanced Longevity and Durability