68RFE Formula One Billet Valve Body (LIFETIME WARRANTY!)

Next Gen Diesel

*This unit will require a Mag Hytec deep pan or similar to fit!*

Long awaited is our incredible Formula One Billet Valve Body for the 68RFE.

We reinvigorated and revolutionized your 68RFE with the NeverLeak style valve body, and gilded you with confidence with our lifetime NeverLeak warranty. We have taken all of the amazing attributes of that valve body and pushed them to their limits with this new unit. 

Next Gen Diesel prides itself on dominating the 68RFE with superior valve body technology. Our flagship valve body, the "Formula One", is a must-have for the following applications:

- Daily Driving

- Towing

- Drag Race/Sled Pull

- Commuting

- General Enhancement

This unit will provide you with:

- Faster Shifting

- Smoother Clutch Handoffs

- Faster Acceleration

- Tremendous Enhancement to Transmission Life and Holding Power

Unit Features:

- 1" Thick Custom Billet Channel Plate (About 40% Stronger than the previous)

- Springloaded Billet SSV Assembly (including end plugs)

- Billet Accumulator Pistons w/ Custom Relief Circuits

- Waterjet Cut Steel Accumulator Plate

- Bonded Separator Plate

- Steam Tanking and Pressure Cleaning

- Anodization of SSV bore

- Lathing/Stoning of contact surfaces to 0.001”

- Overdrive Spring Shim

- Billet Triple Land Anodized L/R Switch Valve

- Highly Modified Oil Circuitry to Enhance Shift Quality

- Anti-flexion billet material to prevent crossleakage

- Ability to run over 300PSI of Line Pressure (225 recommended to avoid excess heat)

- NeverLeak™ Technology

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