Project Carbon® 68RFE Billet Sprag Assembly w/ Billet Outer Race

Next Gen Drivetrain, Inc.

68RFE Project Carbon® Low/Reverse Sprag:

     Fortunately, the 68RFE Low/Reverse Drum is a generally powerful and durable system. However, there is one major failure point within this component that is worth understanding. This failure point is known as the “Low/Reverse Sprag”.

     The Low/Reverse Sprag is a “roller clutch” style component that is prone to physically cracking or breaking apart in the back of the transmission as a result of shock. The roller braces inside the sprag are made of plastic (seriously) and cannot withstand virtually ANY level of shock. Boost launching is the number one culprit of failure here, followed closely by towing.

     A common rule of thumb here is simple, if you plan to be boost launching OR towing, plan for the Project Carbon® Sprag to prevent heinous sprag failures in this sensitive inflated gas transmission. Our billet inner AND outer race and remarkable “Spring & Roller” cage is designed to withstand the most arduous of any application.


     Sprags are nothing new. In fact, they date back over half a century in the automatic transmission world. Historically, sprag solutions have included but not been limited to: Welding the sprag in place, bolting it into the case and more. These are all implausible due to the location of the sprag inside the 68RFE; being placed between two critical oil galleys. Our only option is to employ a stronger alternative.