Project Carbon® 65RFE Valve Body DIY Upgrade Kit - V4.0

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This is the Do-It-Yourself version of our famous RFE Valve Bodies that were tested and reviewed by and Power + Performance's YouTube channel and received an amazing review! Check them out here:

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     It’s no secret that the 65RFE’s Valve Body is a tragically low quality piece of equipment and is the foundation of nearly all of the unit’s failures. Our 100% proprietary 65RFE Project Carbon® Valve Body DIY Upgrade Kit is engineered, developed and manufactured in-house to be the all-in-one solution; addressing all probable failure points.

     This is the perfect valve body kit for ANY 65RFE build. Before learning more about this product, you might enjoy our Transmissions 101 series, where we offer free educational resources on these transmissions and their inner workings!

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Difficulty Level: 3 out of 10

Install Time: 1 hour*

 *This kit comes with very easy to follow instructions and visuals to help you install the product as efficiently as possible. If you run into any questions or hang-ups, just call in and ask to speak to an expert! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does the Project Carbon® 65RFE DIY Valve Body Upgrade Kit require a quick-learn or TCM Tuning to be done after install?

A: Absolutely not, just plug and play! You can use a TCM tune to increase line pressure, allowing you to get the most out of the kit, but it is not necessary to run the kit.

Q: Will this kit cause aggressive or banging shifts?

A: Nope! This kit will tighten shifts up slightly, but not to the point of being unsavory or aggressive. You will be pleased to notice quick, crisp, seemless shifts that you wish you would have gotten from the factory. We do this by closing the crossleaks found in even brand new OEM valve bodies, allowing clutches to turn on immediately when commanded.

Q: How does this product compare to other 65RFE valve body upgrades on the market?

A: There is simply no comparison to other valve body upgrade kits on the market. Unlike other kits comprised of cheap, foreign-made parts that leave most problems unresolved, and worse, could have been pieced together yourself for less, this kit is 100% engineered AND manufactured in-house by Next Gen Drivetrain. Aside from seals and fasteners, all of these parts are designed by, and made by us. No expense was spared in the development of the best 65RFE valve body upgrade kit on the market.

Q: I have low miles, should I wait until the vehicle has more mileage to run this kit?

A: No! This kit prevents the degradation and decay of countless internal parts that cause expensive failure. The best time to install this kit is when the vehicle is newer, before damage and decay has taken place.

Q: I have high miles, is it too late to benefit from this kit?

A: Also no! High mileage vehicles will benefit even more from this kit because they often have significant wear to internal components such as clutches and valves. This kit will restore and enhance hydraulic integrity to all of these functions, breathing new life into the transmission and adding to it's lifespan.

Q: I may rebuild my transmission in the future. Would that make this kit a waste?

A: Absolutely not! These parts are dramatically over-engineered and can be reused until the end of time. If you need to rebuild the transmission, you can reuse all of these parts. Even the seals generally do not need changed. If purchasing a Next Gen Drivetrain transmission, we can remove 100% of the cost of the kit from the price of a transmission. This kit can only help you.

Q: How easy is this product to install?

A: This product is very easy to install. Anyone who can follow basic instructions and has access to a relatively clean workplace can install this product right at home. Best of all, ALL Next Gen Drivetrain valve body upgrade kits install WITHOUT dropping the transmission. These kits include detailed instructions, but if you get stuck, we will personally walk you through the installation by phone.

Q: Is there any downside to installing this kit in my vehicle?

A: None. This kit provides a huge reliability AND drivability improvement for the price of a basic tune-up. Best of all, if installed in a vehicle that is currently in good working order, our valve body upgrade kits can often prevent the need for a transmission rebuild in the future for the average person altogether.

You can expect:

- Much better shifting

- Tremendously increased longevity, resolving the dreaded SSV leakage issue unlike other kits!

- Better clutch control

- Fixes crossleakage better than any other DIY kit on the market 

*For those who are not in the market for our complete and ready to install valve bodies, this is the perfect DIY solution that ANYONE can do, and is designed to address the major failure points of the 65RFE once and for all.*

This kit consists of:

- 3X Thicker Than OEM CNC Laser Cut Project Carbon® Separator Plate

- Complete Valve Body to Case Seal Kit

- CNC Ground Switch Valve End Plug Kit (2011+)

- Project Carbon® Overdrive Accumulator Spring Upgrade

- Billet Steel Accumulator Girdle Kit

- (5) Billet Project Carbon® Accumulator Pistons

- 25 Teflon Seals (5 Per Piston)

- Billet Steel NeverLeak L/R Switch Valve

- Billet Project Carbon® Channel Plate (Recommended)


Solenoid Switch Valve:

     The Solenoid Switch Valve is a little known yet massive failure point in the 65RFE valve body. It tends to seize in place and cause the truck to have trouble in it's overdriven gears amongst other things. Unfortunately, this is not a part any known shift kits offer an inclusive solution for.

     Other kits available on the market offer an upgraded separator plate, or paper gaskets. This is partially helpful but fails to resolve many of the main failures of the 65RFE, especially the Solenoid Switch Valve. The SSV is a massive failure point in the 65RFE and is actually where most crossleakage tends to occur, not just the separator plate.

     To resolve this, we offer a package of drop-in axially supported and precision machined end plugs that are designed not to wear the bore of the switch valve, and also not become stuck resulting in P0871 and overdrive clutch failure. This is an extreme upgrade in reliability that will save most 65RFE owners from overdrive failure completely in stock or close to stock applications. Best of all, it's 100% drop-in!


The Project Carbon® Separator Plate:

     Think of your separator plate as the head gasket of your transmission. It’s exposed to tremendous pressure and frequently begins to leak causing catastrophic failure. Our proprietary CNC Laser-Cut Separator plate is designed both 3x thicker to maximize sealing potential and negate this concern, but also is designed to torque to a near perfect seal on its third torque.

     This is also a single piece plate, rather than multiple paper gaskets that are to be laid together, providing ease and precision during install with the thickest and best sealing separator plate on the market. CNC Lasering also enables us to maintain the most stringent tolerances while also offering a hand finish to both mating surfaces. This separator plate puts shame to all others and is a MUST for longevity OR power!


Billet Accumulator Girdle:

     The Stock accumulator plate is notorious for cracking, causing a loss of line pressure to clutch packs when they need it most. The Next Gen Drivetrain® Billet Accumulator Girdle is CNC Machined from high quality 3/16” steel and uses unique hardened bolts designed to maximize clamping force and engage as much thread area as possible. We also include red Loctite for the installation of the plate bolts.


Valve Body to Case Seals:

     These are a common and greatly overlooked leak point, as a solution, we offer all 3 anew to prevent this concern in your build. They are very easy to install and the replacements provided in this product are true OEM replacements, not cheap imported alternatives that we have discovered are more prone to failure.


Billet Steel NeverLeak L/R Switch Valve:


     New for the V4.0 variants of the RFE series 65RFE Project Carbon® Valve Body DIY Upgrade Kit, the Billet Steel NeverLeak L/R Switch Valve is the ultimate solution for for multiple problems. One is a slow engagement into drive or reverse, others are poor holding pressure (line pressure) in these gears because of excessive bore wear to the factory L/R switch valve.

     Our proprietary valve not only resolved this common crossleak, but features an updated chamfer design about the outside to aid in axial support to prevent seizure inside the bore; the cause of many “No Reverse” conditions. Best of all, this valve is 100% drop-in regardless of casting mileage or age, talk about easy!


Project Carbon® Billet Accumulator Pistons:

     You can think of accumulator pistons as the shock absorbers of the Valve Body. They’re designed to help regulate pressure during clutch application. The factory units are hunks of plastic Chinese horse-shit that lead to catastrophic failure of the transmission along with abysmal shift quality. We designed our Project Carbon® Accumulator pistons here in-house to present a perfect seal and make bore wear a thing of the past.

     These pistons feature an industry leading FIVE seals per piston. Further, the tolerances are set to 0.001” of piston clearance on each side after the rings have sized in, making them a truly flawless fit. These pistons (and frankly all of the parts in this kit) are what enable us to offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on our Project Carbon® Billet Valve Body. These pistons are a change you can feel!



     If you’re looking for a DIY solution to your 65RFE that does not require a transmission drop, tremendous shop labor costs or going broke, there’s is no better product than our 65RFE Project Carbon® Valve Body DIY Upgrade Kit. This bestselling product is easy to install, affordable and delivers huge improvements to the 65RFE at any mileage or rebuild. If you still have questions, we encourage to call in and speak to one of our experts!

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