Project Carbon® 65RFE Billet Accumulator Girdle & OD Shift Spring

Next Gen Drivetrain, Inc.

65RFE Billet Accumulator Backing Plate (Girdle)

     The 65RFE Valve Body Accumulator Backing Plate is one of the biggest failure points in the entire transmission. The Project Carbon® Billet Accumulator Girdle is designed to act not as a simple "plate", but as a girdle design that proves indestructible in safe application. The plate's design magic is simple, it is 3/16" of stainless steel. It is simply a higher tensility and yield than the material the pistons themselves are made from, making it physically impossible for to be damaged by the presence of a piston.

     It's anti-flexion engineering also prevents the yaw and deflection that causes the OEM hardware to back out, negating failed accumulator plates as a concern for life at less than the cost of a shift kit! It is advised that one includes the use of an ultra-high strength threadlocking agent on the bolts when using this product.

This product is also featured in our famous Project Carbon® Valve Body Upgrade Kit  that can be found here!

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Here is a video teardown and buyer's guide about our Project Carbon® Valve Body Upgrade Kit!

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