65RFE OEM Filter & Pan Gasket Service Kit

Next Gen Drivetrain, Inc.

Looking for an easy, affordable and all-inclusive service kit for the 65RFE? Look no further than Next Gen Drivetrain™ OEM Service Kits!

     These kits come with OEM spec replacement filter(s) and gaskets as well as the optional steel spin-on screw update. The steel spin-on screw update replaces the weak plastic screw that connects the spin-on filter to the case. This plastic screw can often crack, causing it to suck air like a cracked drinking straw whilst trying to pull oil through the filter. This easy update prevents this failure and makes service a breeze!

     This kit also includes an updated pan gasket to avoid the use of bothersome and dirty RTV. This makes the 105in.lb. pan torqueing process very easy, clean and consistent! When performing a service, if you do not already have a deep pan or valve body, this is a very convenient time to explore these upgrades.