65RFE Deep Transmission Pan w/ Drain Plug

Next Gen Drivetrain, Inc.


     The factory transmission oil pan was designed to accomplish one thing and one thing only, save money. This pan is stamped from a heated up sheet of steel that isn’t strong enough to withstand any level of shock or maltreatment. The pans are also incredibly shallow, barely even allowing the factory filters to function properly.

     This is an objectively horrible decision and does not contribute to the longevity, health or operation of the transmission. Something to take into consideration when considering a deep transmission pan is the added time between transmission service intervals. Adding 20-30% more oil extends the amount of time between transmission services by a roughly similar figure. The same logic also applies to heat.

     Added benefits of an aftermarket pan include the implementation of a drain plug. This makes the act of servicing your transmission extremely fast, easy and clean. The factory pan does not come with any of these benefits, leaving it the least qualified option of any. A deep transmission pan should be among your first considerations when upgrading this problematic transmission.

Sizing Guide:

Depth 1 - This depth is designed for pans where ground clearance may be of concern, or the vehicle comes with a crossmember or pipe beneath the factory transmission that may negatively impact it's ability to clear. All factory vehicles can be assured that this pan will fit.

Depth 2 - This depth is about 2.5 quarts above OEM. It is designed for the majority of vehicles and standard on our built 68RFE transmissions unless otherwise necessary, It does not inhibit ground clearance by more than 2 inches and fits virtually most applications.

Depth 3 - This depth is approximately a gallon over factory oil capacity, offering maximum cooling support at the expense of some ground clearance. This depth is excellent for 4WD diesel trucks or trucks that have been lifted as the ground clearance effect will be virtually undetectable.

Note - These pans all have a similar cost to manufacture and hence are the same price. If you are unsure, please select option 4, for someone to call you before shipment. We will ensure that the pan shipped to you properly fits your application to ensure your satisfaction!